There is No Telling

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God said:

Beloved, you are here on Earth to go more deeply into life and love. No longer do you skate so intently on the top layers of life. Sometimes, as your heart falls more deeply into love with Oneness, you simultaneously divest less of yourself into the surface world. The world doesn’t have the hold on you as much as it once did, and you may tend to experience this as a lessening of love. It is more like a lessening of attachment. Change in perspective can take some getting adjusted to.

Once upon a time, you jumped up and down every time you saw a choo-choo train. Once upon a time, you were pulled to shiny things and to shaking rattles.

No one was saddened when you were growing up and your baby teeth fell out and your second teeth grew in.

It can be that as you delve more into the realm of Oneness, your excitement in the world becomes less. At one time, you loved to go out to eat, and now you may not be into eating out so much. This comes upon you. There are no have to’s here. What comes, comes. What becomes, becomes. What is, is. You may be more joyously drawn to quiet moments and going out not quite so much. There is no telling.

What you gravitate to may change, not from your intention, but of life’s own accord. Life seems to have its ins and outs.

Once upon a time, you were driven to go east or west or north or south. Life has a mind of its own.

Sometimes life criss-crosses and turns itself upside-down. Other ways of awakening enter your life, and what grabs your attention may be different from what used to, and this is okay.

You could enter a whole new career, and this may come as a surprise to you. Applaud life dressed up as well as life dressed down. Accept unbounded life. Your life doesn’t have to be pinned down. You can become an adventurer, or life can settle down to whatever it decides to. This is life.

A friend might say your chart has changed. Something changed. Your acquaintance with life has changed. Life doesn’t have to be as it always seemed to be. Life is new, and you may be new, and new it is, and life is good as it is. Each life has is own biography.

I have been saying there is no telling quite a bit recently. Change comes as it comes. There may be no pre-telling.

I speak of world life now. Your inner life moves forward, perhaps out of sight, yet your inner life moves forward even though you may not have been looking. You will catch up to it, or your inner life will catch up to you.

Not everything has to be unprecedented. The unexpected also has its place in life.

I give you My stamp of approval. Oneness exists when you are thinking about it or not. I am with you no matter what. And your life is taking a turn regardless. You are going Heavenward quite on your own.

Life is good. You will catch up to life. Life is just around the corner waiting for you with aplomb, just as life is meant to be. Even as you may not have been totally aware, you may not be all that surprised either.

You may be at a picnic, yet you may speculate you are in some travail.

Think less, Beloved. Listen to your heart more and your mind less.

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