There is not going to be the end of civilization in 2012!

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There is not going to be the end of civilization in 2012!

 Planet Earth is a living being,it has its own aura,which was damaged by people's arrogant attitude and behavior. People's actions brought to major disruption of climate,and not only climate,damage was done on the overall plan. They did so many wrong things to this Planet,which is why we have so many bad things going on in our lives. People have forgotten that they are not alone in the cosmos and that some other higher power rules us from above,which can be called by various names. It is God,or universal Mind,as we can read often in it whatever you want,God is one for all and we are all very closely connected. As representatives of this civilization,people have alienated themselves from God. Their level of awareness is low, they run only for profit,forgetting to be compassionate,to help the weak,they are turning greedy.Hence,they do not work on raising the level of personal spirituality,as a civilized moment demands.The man is almost completely alienated from nature and does not function according to natural,cosmic laws which have been given to this civilization as a code. Another reason is the full materialization of the world, money is the most important thing, spirituality is generally a matter of one's image, not the essence of being.Therefore Planet punishes with floods,cyclones,misery,fear,il​lness.. There is hatred and negative information inside people.All this will lead to great cataclysm.However,there is not going to be the end of civilization in 2012 as we have read in many magazines and heard some statements from people who consider themselves prophets.There are going to be natural disasters at first and then our Planet will react.A quantitative leap of civilization follows.Whoever manages to accustom himself in a new dimension is going to remain.In the decades to follow,money will not have value,only the personal growth of each individual will count.How well we built our inner being for achieving earthly task for which we were born.  Contact  E-mail : / Read more

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Awesome summary brother. The

Awesome summary brother. The way you laid that out adds more dimension to why I contracted here, unto this time....It's a win/win situation loves.


Peace, love, light and harmony



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