There Is Something Nice about Snow

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God said:

Beloveds, have in mind that all is well. Go for it! At the same time, be strong in knowing that nothing on Earth has to derail you. You are not here on Earth to be stalemated.

Nor is Life a question of “letting the best man win.” Winning in Life isn’t an issue. Living Life without the idea of either winning or losing is a good idea. You don’t have to have your own way. Life is about more than having your way or not having your own way. Stay away with all your might from the perspective that Life has to go precisely one way or another. There is always more to Life.

It can safely be said that everything in the world changes soon enough. And, yes, your perspective changes as well. Why be surprised, Beloveds? Life changes, and you also change, and not always by dint of Will.

Sometimes you are set on having your Will, and then your Will changes quietly of itself. You have seen this.

Suddenly, your tastes change. For years, you had a favorite tea, and, then, suddenly without intention and without warning, you are not in love with your most favorite tea any longer. You didn’t ask to change your taste.

Of course, your own way can change, seemingly, before your very eyes.

All right, you already know that change is the name of the game on Earth. Now you can also tell yourself: “So what, if Life changes with or without my say-so. I can change, too.”

No matter what, you can just go merrily on your way.

There are times when your Will is not done. There are times that you don’t even know what your Will was or is.

Beloveds, Life does not have to clearly be thy Will or Mine. Life works itself out. Who decides that it is thy Will or Mine? You and I, We may share One Will. You have changes of Heart. Your Will changes. You Heart shifts. Where did you get the idea that you are here on Earth to struggle?

Once upon a time, when you were very young, and it first began to snow, you let the snow melt on your tongue. You shoveled snow with zest. You didn’t keep asking what is the point of snow and shoveling snow over and over again when there is something nice about snow!

Move away from the idea that Life is Hard. Move over. Make room for Life. All will be well, and Life, left to itself, will change Jiminy Cricket.

Let the Sun shine. Let Life fall to its own knees. You can take your hands off Life, and let Life be. The expression “supposed to be” gets in your way. “Supposed to be” is an idea you have, and sometimes you’re mistaken that Life is supposed to be one way and not another. It’s even okay for Life as well as for you to be of two ways. Life will work itself out.

Life doesn’t have to climb the same stairs with you. Let go of the preposterous idea that the odds in Life are stacked up against you. Life isn’t your combatant. Life isn’t something for you to ever turn your back on. You have grown up with Life. You can still make overtures with Life and jump for Joy. When Life doesn’t seem to speak your language, still shake hands with Life.

You can dance with Life. You can dance a waltz, a fox trot, cha cha cha, or make up a new dance. Look at it this way. Sometimes Life can do its thing, and you can follow.

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