Thirsty for More!

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What is sizzling is kept beneath the surface, while we move forward with day jobs and holidays, purchases and chores that seem at best mediocre and pale in comparison to what we feel is the real “juice”.  Nothing we do on a day to day basis holds much fascination.  We are having a tough time caring.


What’s the point?


The point is whatever we declare to be the point.  All that we’ve created up until now holds relevance as it is our life; no one forced us to create it as we have.  Yes, we’ve been led to believe things that are not, in fact, true, but we’ve had our hands on the wheel the whole time. 


You chose to be here now and experience life in polarity while being conscious of oneness.  The sensations, frustrations, emotions and impatience are par for the course – you set it up like this for the experience!


Oh and what a ride it is!  Extremes of emotion are delicious examples of this humanity.  At a core level we are emotionally driven – it is our focus that births creation – our desires create our life – our beliefs manifest into our day to day.  Let’s enjoy the extremes going on for us right now, energetically participate in each moment and get all the “juice” out of it we can.  We are at choice.  We can ignore, toss aside or deeply feel each interaction.  What will you do?


I have never really been fond of juice oranges.  Give me a Navel orange, every time.  Juice oranges are thin skinned and too much work.  They may be full of juice, but not real tasty to eat and a lot of effort.  When they are in the refrigerator, I mostly ignore them unless I am desperate for fruit and there is nothing left.


Today, we are surrounded with nothing but juice oranges.  We could ignore them and toss them aside or not.  This is one great story – the harder we squeeze, the more we will appreciate the yield.  We came for this.


Humanity is exciting, unexpected and right now at an “edge of your seat” sort of moment.  The question on everyone’s mind is not “if” or even “how”, it is “when”?


It will happen when we stop waiting for it to happen.  It will occur when we are done with this part. I submit that the tension and anticipation is thrilling, and with each day it becomes more so. We are gradually, painfully, getting every drop of juice. We don’t want to miss a moment of this, each sensation is exquisite.


Our task now is to break through our emotional repetitions and choose again.  No one, not the galactic federation, military, ascended masters, governments or prophets are going to fill us with the juice we are craving.  We know how to get it; we can see it all around us. We are immersed in orchards of oranges, ripe for the picking.  In order to completely quench our thirst, we have to select what is in front of us.  The juice is here, it is not the time to give up.


Each person, place, comment or event that seems to be holding you back or blocking your progression is a step and not an obstacle.  You can try to jump over them but they are really too big now to scale successfully.  Falling will mean you are delayed even further, and now have to climb the same steps with a sore foot.


You have everything you need for this.  It is right here, waiting.  You know what to do.  You were chosen specifically for this orchard and these oranges.  It’s time to get every ounce of juice you’ve been thirsting for. 


Ascension is something we do, not something we getWe are the only ones who can.  We were each selected to do so and we joyfully agreed!  We have carefully nurtured and grown the juiciest of fruit, let’s enjoy the harvest.  It promises to be bountiful, beautiful and delicious.


I love us.  We are master magicians, brilliant creators.  We plan and plant the yummiest of crops and then blindfold ourselves until they show up so we can be surprised.  We are experts at this game of life in 3D.  Until we are done playing, the game will go on.  I expect we are still thirsty, and the show will continue until we are satisfied, until we’ve had enough.


This is Easter weekend, a time that many of us celebrate a resurrection.  Perhaps this celebration of new life will propel us out of the orchard.  We will know when it is time, and we can trust it will be perfectly choreographed.  Divine beings such as us would have it no other way.


We are the ones we are waiting for.




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If you wish to join many LIVING/ENACTING the myth of the Resurrection... go to our reply to Dumbo Wings by Pinecone... if you can do this for all of US your ascending love will provide a sacred (cosmic) path of further journey!!  (From your angels!)


Honoring Sananda's great myth of Ascension for all souls,



Thank you

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This is the perfect time, I accept your invitation, and as always, it will be completed for all of us.


Much love and many blessings.