The Tipping Point Has Been Reached ~ Timelines have shifted ~

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Young Lightworkers Channel

Published on Mar 23, 2019

The Tipping Point Has Been Reached ~

Since the March 20th, 2019 Equinox and Full Moon ~ Timelines have shifted.

Many have stepped into the New Levels of Being. Becoming more consciously aware.


Message from St. Germain, Mother and Father God via Galaxygirl,

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Message from St. Germain, Mother and Father God via Galaxygirl, March 30th, 2019

now that we have passed through the 3/21/19 portal, your powers of manifestation are becoming a formidable force to recon with. You are playing with 5D now, figuring it out, and I assure you, you will get the hang of it. For most of you already have and all of your 5D aspects and higher up aspects are cheering you on from the rafters with vim and vigor.

You can do this and you are, and we see that you already have. And so, with manifestation, perhaps a brief lesson is in order, appropriately with this higher vibe time. It is incredibly wise to be intentional. You don’t want to just create willy nilly. What are you wishing to create? Abundance of what, exactly? Surely not abundance of more work, for you have had piles of that for eons. No! Now is the time for freedom of spirit, for the lightness of step that accompanies the gait of one embodied who knows what they are capable of and offers their hands outstretched in service, in love. My heart swells with love, joy and pride for you all, ground team. You have done the heavy lifting and are doing a mighty job of it. Operation Ascension Gaia has been arduous on both sides, but we are winning, the light has won. Now is the manifestation, the realization of this long process of victory, of winning back a world to the light that was once lost in shadow. You have been trained to call it sin in your religious institutions. I do not like that word. It holds low vibration. Let us just call it lack of illumination of spirit. No more lack. Now is the time of light, of rejoicing in your own magnificence and of course in the mighty power of the light and love of Mother Father God, of Source Creator, of our friends, the Company of Heaven, of our galactic friends and family.

Thank you for your service to the light and love. Be the light and love and more will flow to you. We are doing it friends. Operation Ascension Gaia is tremendously successful already and the great unfolding is yet to be revealed! Enjoy the revealing. Enjoy the revaluation not only of your currencies but the revaluation of your societies, of yourselves, of your true worth as a spiritual being. You are tremendously loved. You are tremendously valued for your service and for the sweet selves that you are.




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We are very pleased to announce that there has been a shift in your Earth’s energy field and that you are tapping in to higher frequencies because of it. The Earth is of course shifting with you. She is leading the shift, in fact, and you are all riding on her back as she does. You need to think of your Earth as a collective being, rather than as a planet, and you need to see her as representing the collective consciousness of humanity and the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

So when she experiences a shift in her electromagnetic field, it is because she is reflecting back to you the progress that you’ve been making. When you all reach out and up to higher dimensions and other star systems, and you bring that energy in and ground it into yourselves, you shift your collective consciousness. And of course, you make that energy available to planet Earth and all of her inhabitants.

Therefore, it is because you have awakened your interest in other beings that this shift in the Earth’s electromagnetic field has occurred. All of these events were planned, to a certain extent, before you incarnated in this lifetime. ....

But you chose to go with what felt right to you instead, and now here you are. You are anchoring in these energies. You are making a difference, and everyone in the galaxy is taking notice. We are not the only ones. So the more you connect now with Mother Earth, the easier it will be for you to feel the progression that is taking place, and the more you go within to feel your extra-terrestrial DNA coming online, the more you will get that confirmation.

What you are becoming is your true self. You are becoming your higher self, and your higher self encompasses all of these versions of you from other star systems, lifetimes, and dimensions. This progression will of course continue, as we know that encouraging transmissions like this one help you to know that you are on the right track. Trust your feelings. Trust your desires, and know that you are making such tremendous strides forward that we cannot help but be in the audience, applauding and congratulating you for how far you’ve come.

some of the 9th to 12th dimensional Masters have arrived....

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...some of the 9th to 12th dimensional Masters have arrived and are now assisting this process for that humanity can fastforward the dimensional shifts. The planet has already accelerated her ascension as she is moving ever deeper into the 5th dimensional state, and still has to move into the 7th by 2032. 

It is bringing accelerated awareness with it, especially in the third eye area, and the solar plexus. If the navel, sacral and base chakras are still clogged up, and the emotional charges still hold us prisoner, we cannot ascend into the 5th.