Today's Fellowship Ring is ALL about MANIFESTING!

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Today's Fellowship Ring is ALL about MANIFESTING!

Some people, myself included, have been feeling the pinch as far as manifesting money goes. I keep arguing with my Higher Self and telling him that he doesn’t understand how difficult it’s been lately to manifest money in order to have the basics, but he does understand. He knows only too well because he is basically walking in my shoes with me these days.

So today Archangel Michael will share with us everything to do with abundance consciousness and how to go about manifesting, not just money, but EVERYTHING!

Join us today, Saturday the 15th, at 10am EST for approximately 1 hour on Skype. The cost is $25 to join the group, and greatly appreciated at this time! But if you can’t afford the payment then please join us anyway. Don't let the lack of money stand in your way!

If you would like to make your payment, please visit the link below:

Have a BE-YOU-tiful day! We Love You!



The Trinity of Blessings™ Attunement

Words of Wisdom from the Higher Realms:

The Trinity of Blessings teaches the Art of Blessing. Through the daily practice of the Art of Blessing you can change your life and the lives of your family and those closest to you in a positive way. And because everything is energy, the positive changes you make within yourself is reflected out into the World around you, helping the entire Planet and Universe evolve into the higher octaves and frequencies of Divine Love and Light. This is your primary purpose here. The  powerful portals of Light that you are in the process of building, act as a reflection of the true nature of your Being. The reflection we speak of is a powerful emanation of the purity of your Essence which is Divine Love.

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Deborah Faith ~ Messenger for the Archangels

Hello, my name is Deborah Faith and I would like to tell you a little about myself. My Spiritual awakening started many years ago in 1990 with the passing of my brother at the young and tender age of 22. His passing prompted me to seek the answers to so many questions I had about Life.  Read more...

USUI Reiki Energy Healer & Master Teacher, NLP (SA) Practitioner, Energy Re-Sourcing™ Therapist and Intuitive, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Messenger for the Realms of Spirit.  

 Please share with Love ~ Thank You!


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