The true meaning of the enlightened life.

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The true meaning of the enlightened life.

There are misunderstanding’s in society in regards to what it means to live the enlightened life. One of them is the fact that communication isn’t necessary because when you’re enlightened, you see all as they are and have no questions about it, because you see yourself as you are and thus you know it all. You’re able to reveal all the secrets of the universe perfectly as they are. I’m not saying you aren’t able to relay certain details about what’s going on here and there, or able to simply just be the truth and tend to simple matters because you are. What I’m pointing at is the fact that those who identify with the unconscious reactive conditioned ego mind’s contradicting believing conflicted control mechanism have identify with it’s incessant need for internal dialogue which says “this is how an enlightened being is like”.


Due to this fact, they cannot see true reality. From this, they cannot see past it’s projections and they cannot see the truth that is living the enlightened life. Due to this, they genuinely test you to see just how enlightened you are in accordance to their scale of what it means to be enlightened. They also regurgitate as accurately as they can remember, that which you spoke. If that which you spoke, isn’t again aligned with the mind, then it’s not enlightened. Instead they speak of how mentally ill you are, and that you need help. This is because they have no understand in their awareness of what it means to truly live the enlightened life. They all want a free ride in life. They want you to give them ALL the answers to ALL life’s question’s because to them, that’s how an enlightened being is supposed to be.


Where they are at within themselves, is a place full of judgement, preconceived idealogies, concepts, belief systems, discrimination and prejudice. They also react, and do not respond. They do not listen at all, they just say they do. They complain consistently about the desire for change and yet whenever you point out how to go about experiencing the change that they’re hearts yearn for, they run away because it brings up all that they identify with that tells them isn’t the truth. They also refuse to genuinely question any of this. This is due to the fact that they identify with the unquestioning nature of the mind.


Whereas the way we are at heart, is to ask question’s , to genuinely seek the truth as it is because we instinctively know that the truth will in fact allow us to experience true freedom ,+= abundance, peace, love, and unity and the knowledge we gain about the truth of not only ourselves but also of all life as it is, and this truth is an irreversable understanding that is non negotiable. This irreversable truth about ourselves and all life, is what we use to shine light upon the unknowable. Immediately as we understand that which is unknowable, we can thus begin to know it forever throughout eternity. In essence, we will be forever becoming. Through knowing what we are going through, experience, and knowing that we are simultaneously going through the unknowable. Ironically enough ,we can know the unknowable, and know that there will always be a part of the unknowable that will forever remain unknowable. From this, we know that we know all that is , as it is, and that simultaneously we also acknowledge that we will forever remain unaware of that one aspect of reality, again in turn knowing all that is as it is.

In love,

Hilarion Melchizidek Ra