My awakening/Opening up, 22 page letter, after a recent toxic relationship!

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"A Perfect Ending to A New Beginning"                      

By: Brady Holland


(My Apology/Thank You/Letting Go, Letter to an Indescribably Rare, Beautiful Young Woman)


"Keep in mind this letter was written in less than a week, it was then about one week later that I had even decided to start writing The Life of our Idea, but it is the entire foundation for Our Trilogy: Time and apparently all of my missing answers that I didn't even know I was looking for.. Igniting something within myself that I had been trying my hardest to suppress deep down inside of me for many years now, all thanks to one very special person, in which our lives just so unexpectedly happened to cross one another's path.. Unfortunately those paths couldn't meet up, walking down the same road together, but what came about afterwards as an ending/beginning result, well let’s just say I literally owe that young woman the world now! Here is my gift to our readers, how we turned something so horrible brewing inside of me, into something so unexpectedly beautiful.. You deserve to know some of your author's past." -B.R.H  


Visionary Musings and Theories

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Living in a Spiritual Bubble

Many of us that opt to follow the Spiritual path find ourselves in conflict; balancing the inner life with the outer life. Some encompass themselves within a bubble and surround themselves with solely the spiritual – I find that dangerous in many ways. We have incarnated in human form to learn and should accept the human limitations and not see them as frailties but as tools of how to grow.

I am skeptical of those who are not willing to look outside the bubble, closing off the ‘real’ world and the everyday existence; occasionally it is necessary but on a permanent basis is unrealistic and I believe it hinders growth. Why? Those of us who choose the spiritual path and awoken are here not only for our own soul evolution but also to assist in the ‘real’ world those who are still ‘asleep’. To alienate oneself from the outside world defeats the purpose of soul growth, it is survival in the real world that allows us to grow. How can others be helped when you consider their environment alien? Of course there are elements we all despise but we accept and live with but hope for change. That is humanity- learning to live with different opinions, beliefs, visions and values. No one is better than any other and what is valuable to one has a different value to another.

Spiritual retreats and meditation allows time to focus and regain the energies depleted in everyday life in the city. (I don’t meditate well, but understand the relevance) Grounding and being able to balance ones life is the key to growing spiritually.

How To Love Yourself

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How to love yourself? Be in the moment, be happy for who you are and what you have. Widen your perspective outside your comfort

zone, allow yourself to grow. Realize everything happens for a reason and life is an opportunity to better yourself. There are no right and wrongs, there just is. Be compassionate to yourself. There is a quote that I believe sums it up by Judith Dagley that I try to read every day:

“Practice Compassion Within, because withing you is where you must set the template for everything you see reflected around you. Be the diamond you are, value it.”

Golden Treasures...

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golden treasures

Matthew 6:19-21 says:

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The true meaning of the enlightened life.

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The true meaning of the enlightened life.

There are misunderstanding’s in society in regards to what it means to live the enlightened life. One of them is the fact that communication isn’t necessary because when you’re enlightened, you see all as they are and have no questions about it, because you see yourself as you are and thus you know it all. You’re able to reveal all the secrets of the universe perfectly as they are. I’m not saying you aren’t able to relay certain details about what’s going on here and there, or able to simply just be the truth and tend to simple matters because you are. What I’m pointing at is the fact that those who identify with the unconscious reactive conditioned ego mind’s contradicting believing conflicted control mechanism have identify with it’s incessant need for internal dialogue which says “this is how an enlightened being is like”.


Due to this fact, they cannot see true reality. From this, they cannot see past it’s projections and they cannot see the truth that is living the enlightened life. Due to this, they genuinely test you to see just how enlightened you are in accordance to their scale of what it means to be enlightened. They also regurgitate as accurately as they can remember, that which you spoke. If that which you spoke, isn’t again aligned with the mind, then it’s not enlightened. Instead they speak of how mentally ill you are, and that you need help. This is because they have no understand in their awareness of what it means to truly live the enlightened life. They all want a free ride in life. They want you to give them ALL the answers to ALL life’s question’s because to them, that’s how an enlightened being is supposed to be.



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we aren’t nurtured in preschool about our natural potential to read the conscious energy of creation, ourselves, and of all life, on and off this planet. Beings (not only human, but also the plant realm, the animal realm, the thought realm, the body hologram realm, the soul body realm, the elemental realm , the realm where higher vibrational beings reside, and the realm of lower vibrational beings reside) both realms of higher and lower vibrational sets of consciousness (awareness) reside on the same level, its just that those vibrating in lower awareness, cannot see you for who you are, they can only see that which the ego projects everywhere, and uses that which is stored in the mind, as to what they know about you , and others.

The higher vibrating consciousness level, is one where you are able to see what i just pointed out, because you yourself experience that, even after the ego mind is gone, we will still have the memory of all our past experiences living within us, for no energy is destroyed, only transformed and re-used forever. this equation that supports the flow of creation which is a law and it’s non negotiable even when you negotiate it, it will always stand. The higher vibrating level of conscious awareness is the complete opposite of the lower and the energy contained therein is a support basin, for where this planet is going, where other planets are, and others are also going, and where all inevitably end up experiencing life in and on, and is that which assists you += all in living ethical lives for all eternity.

we’re also not nurtured in our natural ability to draw forth conscious awareness from within ourselves, which involves the entire drawing forth of the soul into the body hologram , which in turn integrates more of who we are into our body holograms.

Seen unseen seen unseen seen.....

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At home, you have a responsibility to yourself, to take care of all that takes care of your living space.

Clean/organize all dish(es), bathroom(s),shower,all floors,counter tops, sinks, cabinets, fridge(s),clothing,shelves,desks,trash,

All assesories, including all technological items,furniture, bed(under and around), cosmetics,closet(s),all area's outside the living space.This includes the lawn, the driveway, the backyard, the garage, the vehicle of transportation(s). To organize all of this, top to bottom, not

OCD style – that's insanity. Just keep it all in its proper place when it needs to be put back, keep it all organized and clean, not overly sterile like youre boy in a bubble, that again is insanity.

Cooking food = clean hands, clean dishes and silverware. The food itself whether its organic or fast food or a mixture of the two doesn't matter, so don't go all insane in your attempt to find the purest healthiest food on the planet and keep the pattern going, that would be insane.

Water = yes drink the best water you can get your hands on, but if you cannot, drink away. Drinking too much water = insane, same with food, and all over activities.

“Love: the religion of new, a convincing worldview.”

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A personal perception rooted only in evidence, logic and existential repugnance.  Love and working through the worldviews of today demand a strong faith in truth and its priority to discover it.  Love is often a fluctuating, overflowing emotion constricted by the walls of its own flesh. No matter the challenge; God, the quest to achieve and maintain the ultimate reality, and a strategic and pure discovery and application in ethics will always be available and viable as an optional and objective resource when seeking the truth of the Sole. 

      Since we as humans are wired with an intense set of emotional energy and intelligence, we are forced to address that and take a 360 degree review from inside and outside perspectives, in our journeys to the “Big Picture”.  Love, is the one, Global commonality that nobody can deny, unless the Nile is the only venue our boat chooses to sail.  This was an imperative component to consider when discovering my or anyone’s vibrational frequency to which they resonate.  Love is also the only tangible artifact that has been a constant throughout all of history and global existence of all things.  Yes, we all may have our own eyeballs for viewing but regardless of language, the interpretation of the “feeling” is all translated to the same conclusion.  Thus, perfect evidence to value when forming a flawless worldview. 

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