~ THE TRUE STORY ABOUT Michael & Lucifer~

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~ THE TRUE STORY ABOUT Michael & Lucifer~


~Brilliant Repost~





Archangel Michael, the Prince of Light, and Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, locked in battle for all eternity over the fate of mankind, or so the church would have you believe. It's perhaps the most rearranged and misinterpreted story of them all. Allow me to explain a quite different version of events.


God and the Angels were together in Oneness, Everything was still united as One. Creation existed, but individual experience of Creation wasn't yet possible. It's like having a cake, but not getting to eat it, what fun is that? Creation wanted to experience itself being Creation, and so the Divine Plan was formed. Some of the Angels would enter into a dream, where they would pretend to be outside the Oneness so they could participate in the unique aspects of the Oneness. The one you know as Lucifer was the first to volunteer to “leave” Heaven, while Archangel Michael was the head of the angels who stayed. No conflict here, rather everyone working together towards the same Goal.


The real story of what happened afterwards is that of the prodigal son, not of a war between “good and evil”. Lucifer, literally the “light-bearer”, was the son who left his Father's House (Heaven) to share his inheritance with all of Creation. Michael, literally “he who is like God”, was the son who stayed at Home. Note how the people judged the son who left for spending all his Inheritance, while the Father was overjoyed. Lucifer was meant to have a good time in Creation, not to be stingy with the blessings he was given.

When the prodigal son returned, the Father gave him the other son's Inheritance as well. What would be the point of leaving it with Michael anyway if he's not going to do anything with it? Not that Michael minded at all, he already was Creation. Michael is Creation, Lucifer is the experience of Creation. Of course, if you're here experiencing Creation, how can you be outside of Creation? You can't, so you are Creation experiencing Itself, and hence Lucifer is Michael and Michael is Lucifer. Two aspects of the same Oneness. And you're not separate from this, which means both aspects are within you as well.


Speaking of you, how did you get to be here? How did you get to the so-called “lower realms”?
We were born of Oneness, so how did Humanity get to be separated from God? Simple, every Soul in this realm is one who chose to join Lucifer, a “fallen” angel. There's a little bit of truth to the story, but you aren't a “wrong”, “bad” or “evil” being, rather a very brave and adventurous one. Not one who rebelled against God, but one who disconnected from God within themselves for
the wondrous experience of Reunion.


And it wasn't Lucifer that caused people to be so mired within their illusions. When
Lucifer “left” Heaven, there was still the understanding that one was still always one with Heaven, they were simply dreaming.

This is the Garden of Eden of legend. It wasn't until Humanity lost the Violet Flame and couldn't effortlessly cleanse the lower vibrational energies that things started really getting messed up. Then the angels forgot they were even angels and started doing really funny things, like working at walmart and joining the republican party.


Now, what I'm saying is probably going to bother a few, if not a whole bunch of people. I'm telling them that they're a part of what they've been told is the most evilest of evils. These beliefs are so widespread that pretty much everyone has been conditioned by them. Hell, Lucifer and the fallen angels, they've got many other names in different cultures. People sure don't want to hear they're the “fallen” angels, what would that make the world they live within? The world most people are in is hell, though the Planet they live upon is the Garden of Eden, a Living Starship. They super-imposed their illusions upon the Truth and missed the Reality altogether, yet they still are the prodigal sons and daughters, and the door Home is always Open. This is Lucifer, the Light Bearer's, message.



The illusionary conflict between Michael and Lucifer has been projected out into
people's everyday lives. There isn't, and never was, a war that divided Heaven against itself. It's a metaphor for people's own internal conflict. The angels came to the manifest to enjoy it, yet religion teaches us this realm is ruled by evil and the whole point of us being here is to escape to heaven. This creates a dualistic illusion of two paths, one of the “wicked”, who indulge themselves in physical pleasures, and one of the “righteous”, who deny physical pleasures believing they'll get some reward in Heaven. Both of these so-called spiritual paths just lead around in circles, Buddha shared this over 2,000 years ago, yet people still don't quite get it. There aren't two paths, there's only the one you're walking, and when you learn to enjoy it you wont need to wait for some reward in Heaven, you'll have brought Heaven here to Earth through your own joy. Dividing Lucifer and Michael creates conflict within your own Being, and separates Heaven and Earth. Letting go of the conflict unites Lucifer and Michael and creates Heaven on Earth.

Lucifer never left Heaven and neither did You, You simply forgot that Reality of this whole situation and Heaven was hidden behind the lie of separation, reinforced through twisted, superstitious





There is actually a great

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There is actually a great sequence of events between Lucifer splitting from the reality of the creator and the creaton formed. Creation wasn't actualized as the dream of the One when Lucifer decided to split, it was after. Many events led to that.


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My sources tell me it was THE STAR NATION LEADERS that went astray, not LUCIFER as portrayed in earth books. The true story of creation will be revealed soon.


love and light

I assume what you tell by

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I assume what you tell by that you mean the highest members of the councils of this universe? It seems to me they didn't go astray as well, probably the thing is in the way this universe operates - giving free will to experience whatever you wish in this external universe. Accepting this idea, it may seem that everyone went astray. I think it is more like that - we live in a reality of totallt free will, which is a result of Lucifer, as a ray of god, angel, who created, in this universe of free will, a possibility to operate out of god's reality, create you own rality, or an illusion of being out of god's reality.


But it is better to leave an attempt to understand this until it will be revealed by higher beings, the history of our civillization and the creation. =)

Lucifer and Michael are split personalities of God

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It's deep, real deep, but Lucifer himself into being to make love to himself through a female version of himself, but that became hell, or a natural purification for his soul, until he was purified he was Lucifer and once he accepted that he could not be with himself he became Michael, the good angel. Both are the light, Michael is the angel of Good, and Lucifer is the light bringer because if he wouldn't have fallen creation wouldn't be here, he is sort of the way God choose to manifest reality. Michael and Lucifer are two personalities in the same being, one pre-purification and one post-purification. They were both good, but Lucifer was selfish and wanted to love himself instead of God so he broke away from God to be with a female version of himself which in reality was sort of his daughter because she was a second generation from him not his twin or sister, so Lucifer kind of wanted to make love to his daughter that he had born through a male version on Earth who played like he was Satan. And Michael who is Lucifer in Hell, or Michael on Earth had a huge ego and thought he could "save" his own daughter's soul on Earth however he could not and so he had to let go of her to love God, because she was he or Lucifer himself. Hence the devil is a woman =) All men are Michael's looking for their Lucifers, and ones who aren't love God and the one God gives them, the rest go on forever in a pit of hell and destruction trying to make love to every woman looking for the best connection or soul mate. It's a big delusion of epoch proportions.

Finally, someone who knows

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Finally, someone who knows Lucifer and Michael are one and the same!  How can it be any other way except in errant thinking.  Oneness=Love=Truth.  This is the kind of thinking and knowing that will dissolve all the lies of man.  If the bible makes you feel any different, use those pages for toilet paper.

There are many

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stories on Luci and the, taught to us concepts of "His" lack-of-Light-lounge." To enter the Kingdom you may do this ONLY as a child, right?

So here is a very simple concept to wrap the child mind in you around. It didn't say "give thanks in "most" things" and it did say "God is All and All is One" God is Love and there is but one "place" to go Home to and All return to the All.

David Porter

Author of the series


Makes Sense to Me . . .

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This resonates well with what I feel intuitively and what I've come to believe and understand through my explorations of Mythology, Psychology and Spirituality. We've been telling each other these stories for eons. Religion and other special interests co-opted these stories, and re-fabricated them to meet their own ends of controlling others and manipulating mankind so they could enslave them and feed their own insecurities with the illusion of power and addiction to greed. Mind control! Still goes on today. Hollywood is the West's mind control machine and the actors there all know it. The head of this worldwide snake is the Vatican; we all know that now. And this “head” is about to be lobbed off by the rising truth in our emerging individual consciousnesses.

The back door of our rising consciousness is the Heart. We've learned about that particular key now and we’re using it as Heaven originally intended. We look to our Hearts where "Home" truly is (Heaven if you prefer) and we can see for ourselves the absurdity of the present mess mankind is in - all the artificially induced false flag events and their support through lies, lies, and yes, more lies as the official story is desperately promulgated through the lame-stream media.

Because lies don't work anymore and the "powers that were" can’t, don't or won’t learn from past mistakes, they just keep throwing more lies at us - bigger lies, more outrageous lies and they support these with their False Flag Events to punctuate the story. That's how desperate they are. "Insanity - is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" Yes, the “powers that were” are insane, verifiably so. I can say this as a person observing their shenanigans over the past 20 years and as a Trained Psychologist with over 4 decades of experience. For example, America's Republican Party has literally gone off their meds and are in the throes of their most vociferous psychotic break ever. This insane right wing agenda that is visible around the world is following suit. The human population is rising up and no amount of trying to silence them with bullets bombs or otherwise is going to stop us. The beast has been mortally wounded and their end is in sight.

Just like when a Dinosaur was fatally wounded in battle millions of years ago, it is advisable to stay as far away as possible until the beast finally lies down and dies. Until then, that giant tail of theirs will keep sweeping about knocking over everything in its path. These instinctive biological actions are the death throes of the beast until it literally topples over and expires. A wounded and crazed animal, denied its usual sense of power and mastery over others, doesn't know anything except lashing out at this point. And when that doesn't work, lash out louder and harder. You see this in the mainstream products from Hollywood these days. If you thought last year's disaster movies were epic, wait till you see this year's - bigger explosions, more stupendous car crashes, and more bodies flying through the air than ever before. Same menu again and again - because that's all they know and that’s what their masters want.  Insanity: keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Old religion’s Lucifer may still be in the house but not for long. We Lightworkers are the Game-Changer. We are the Light-Bearers and the Rejuvenators of Truth. Stay focused friends, on your Heart, which is your Heaven sent GPS. Stay vigilant and alert. Watch out for that Tail as the beast finishes drawing its final breaths. It's all over but the dancing. Stay Tuned. Mother Earth is getting a Makeover and We Are It! Yes, We are the Answer to our Prayers!  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


The Story Of Lucifer

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The Story Of Lucifer Is an Interesting One

This Is A Good One...

I was listening to a whistle blower recently

who was talking alot about lucifer and the new world order people

it was really interesting ..she said they all worship lucifer..

I personally do not know what that means exactly

yet, I felt she was telling the truth..

she said they used to have an organization called the lucifers trust..

now called lucis trust..( and some of her story was hard to listen to )

but, she grew up in the new world organization and left in the 90's I believe

the whole subject of lucifer is very interesting to me currently

she said she met the being called lucifer and he was very arrogant

I find it all very interesting

Tara Grace

Nice but superficial!

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Thanks a nice 'story' and I like Micheal and Lucifer are One!  But yet but yet there is so much more to this:  Lucifer was just the first stage the seed of evil if you like some much bigger hitters and nasties then came on the scene like Archons etc. - some say he has even returned to the One (of course he never really left like us!) Think for a moment of all the immense suffering humankind has endured and still endures and it's just too pat to say there is no war and oh it was just a little misunderstanding and Mr Evil is really a nice guy who wanted to enjoy himself! Tell that to a Syrian in Homs right now! This is hippy dippy 'spirituality' that totally underestimates and trivializes the profundity of the Truth and the true cosmic story that has involved the oft gruelling evolution and sacrifice and inextricable life and death conflicts among countless levels and beings.  

The stuff we call "evil" is

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The stuff we call "evil" is just the natural result of pretending you're separate from God. You don't really believe in duality, do you?

And I'd love to trivialize suffering, you make way too big a deal over it, which is why people have such a hard time going beyond suffering. Religion even taught people that God is responsible for their suffering and that suffering somehow brings people closer to God. I see a whole lot of suffering people, yet very few who are close to God...

1 path, 2 directions

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1 path, 2 directions

One direction leading towards God, the other away from God. We are godly, our constitutional position is to be with God (like a fish inside of water) and not to be separated from God (like a fish outside of water). Name it as you like (sin, hell, fallen angel, choice, dream, etc).

Variety is the mother of enjoyment. In absolute oneness there is no enjoyment. When the son returns home, he does not become the father, he is with the father.

This is what I remember...

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Like thousands of times I've done it before, I was in one of my many meditations, when suddenly there I was, in the spiritual plane, free from my physical body limitations. I remember being on the air with Blue (a female frequency spirit), watching how people were line up to enter into this nazzi control energy like factory where once we enter it we lose conscious of our true Self. I remember being upset fro this situation and telling Blue that I could not take it anymore, so I decided to come down to The Earth to awake people. It wasn't until I rested my right knee on the ground and spread my wings that I recovered just for a second my true identity: LUCIFER, then I entered into this mental debate where I was asking myself how could I be Lucifer if I was good, it was so disturbing that I woke up from my meditation. For days after this event I was confused, until I realized how clever the detractors spirits were, they had designed a well conceived plan to keep human spirit in the darkness, and what better plan to make look bad the one who is bringing the light so every one can self-awake their own true spiritual Self.

And this is where I stand today, looking the best means to help people in their spiritual awakening. Just last night I decided to write an screenplay about it, I just need to remember more about me, I have a few hints on how to do it but I'm always open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading these lines,


great post

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Very interesting to read your post it's quite thought provoking and insightful your theory of reality is also the theory of quantum mechanics which is that we are all connected as if we are all of one energy with the illusion
of individual self awareness.in quantum mechanics even reality is not what it appears to be. It's the theory that we are all existing as information or a hologram, so you could be correct in saying that we are all part of a dream.
Yes I totally agree with you on the story of Lucifer God and the other's


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Very insightful
What your talking about is becoming a popular theory in quantum mechanics which is trying to prove that we are all part of a hologram and we are all part of a dream,so maybe the books hold some truth to them


lucifer redeemed

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The idea that evil, badness, darkness exists outside of us was created by the church to separate us from experiencing  the godhead within us. Once we get on the treadmill of blaming our woes on someone else, some other country, some other person, peoples or entity, we have lost the game!  As a result we have become (over millennia) very used to blaming things or people outside of ourselves when life gives us lemons. Also, we behave very badly and think we can get away with it. Ha!  We have been told that Lucifer is v bad and Christ/Michael is good.  Personally, I've never believed this stuff but I now 'know' first hand it is not true. Last year in a very deep state of meditation with a group of people I encountered Lucifer.  He was working through me. He, through me, was asking to go back to the Father.  He was asking for forgiveness. At first it horrified me but I was in such a deep meditation that that old 'evil is outside of me, out to get me' stuff that was stuck in my psyche from my Catholic upbringing I paid no attention to.  Instead I went with it and deeper into what Lucifer was telling me.  In my deep meditative state I cried like a baby for hours and purged all manner of darkness out of my body. I was being cleansed by him. Afterwards it was not Lucifer asking God for forgiveness but ME.  Later I realised Lucifer is part of me. Prior to this experience I had known this intellectually but I now 'know' from first hand experience.  He is US just as Christ/Michael is in us. By denying our darkness, our shadow we cut off our accessibility to be truly at one with God and the higher, more subtle realms. By blaming other people and things we deny ourselves redemption. When we balance the two pillars of lightness and darkness, mercy and severity we will come to some sense of balance in understanding who we REALLY are.  I still don't know why I was asking for forgiveness as in this life I've been a pretty decent person but I do know  that in a past life/lives I was not a nice person and in this life I needed to redeem myself.  I knew this as a teenager (the 'knowing' told me).  So you don't always need to know the cause of your suffering but if you're suffering in any way, then it's to do with an imbalance within your soul and probably a lot to do with denying parts of yourself that are pretty darn awful and nasty but pretending to be good and kind and innocent.  Since my experience with Lucifer every time I have a trying moment Ive learnt to ask not 'why is this happening to me' but 'what have I to learn from this experience. Since meeting Lucifer I KNOW he is Christ/Michael's brother and esoterically (behind the scenes) they work together through us to help us in our self realisation ... or not...  After all, we live in a binary universe and we were given free will, so the choice is ours. Through free will we can do good or spend lifetimes making a whole lot of mistakes that we think we can get away with but (at the risk of sounding religious) we need to atone for.  We won't find redemption/balance if we avoid suffering or pain or admitting to the terrible things we do while blaming someone else for it.. we only prolong the agony, possibly over many lifetimes... the choice is ours. Oh and BTW Lucifer and Christ are universal energies and when karma comes out to balance our energy, its not an anthropomorphic being that meters out the justice, its the energy of the Universe/God seeking to balance itself  - Blessings / Nameste :)