university vaccine winner questioned by lightworker!

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Let's begin with this ~  There is so much love and respect for lead researchers and all researchers impacted by the quest for advancements in the health of humankind - including the believed and indoctrinated intentions of vaccinations. The story of vaccines is enormous - and so many involved had and continue to have very beautiful intentions. Thank you for this. You are brave and the strongest of the strong ! 

This story affects each of us personally in ways we may not be able to understand right now - and it will reach many people - especially those  working for the good of humanity and under the oil-sponsored guise of life-enriching research. By oil-sponsored, I mean those accepting money through corporations who are drilling into our Mother Earth, puncturing her lungs and causing her to shake and gasp for breath !


To our researchers sponsored by these corporations and working with the very best of intentions and in the highest of light, we don't doubt this and there is infinite love for you here!! But our work now is to help the truth unfold so that we can make a path for the light - only the light! 

WE, right now and together, simply proclaim this:

"WE - student, researcher, professor, dedicated assistant, grad student, department chair, chancellor, dean,  alumnus, parent - WILL NOT - WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT ! ACCEPT ANOTHER CENT  from any single person or corporation who hurts our Mother Earth!  But we will, as of this very moment, accept all donations in the name of higher learning that enrich Mother Earth and attest to true curriculum ... all truths. Thank you.

WE are strong in this and we are ONE.

Thank you.

See Research VP wins top prize:

Dawn Ford · University of Alberta

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With all due respect, there is another perspective unfolding in Natural News about the diverse effects of vaccines. According to researchers, vaccines damage the body's natural immune system. "Rather than teach the body how to respond to infections, vaccines actually inhibit the immune system's ability to produce TH2-type cytokines, and suppress cellular immunity, which is how the body protects itself against deadly viruses and bacteria." Those of us who have raised sick children understand and appreciate fully the severity of the implication of vaccines as do entire communities around the world. The story of the over-use of vaccines and its impact on generations will be one of the greatest truths to unfold in modern history.. L O V E & L I G H T!

Source: "Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses"



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Dawn--well said! Here's

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Dawn--well said! Here's another look at the history of vaccines written by an MD It is not easy to wake up those who have been indoctrinated to believe a certain way.  It still requires people with an open mind and those willing to do independent research. That's why the imminent mass arrests are so important for waking up the masses and forcing them to rethink EVERYTHING.

thank you !

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Thank you for bravely sharing, Love & Light! Dawn