Urgent Message for Mother Earth! Please Read!

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In 10 to 15 years according to scientists

all rainforests in the world will be gone.

Right now we are demolishing 1 Acre of Rain Forests/Land every Second...
at least 100 Entire Plant and Animal Species go Extinct Every day.  

The crazy thing is that  91% of the Rain Forests/ Lands Demolished are by the Livestock Industry (Meat, Dairy, Eggs )That is a huge percentage...


 Why is this urgent?

The rain forests Trees are a major source of oxygen for us to Breathe. 

The Rainforest Trees form a Canopy around the earth that keeps out most of the Radiation from the Sun.  They are like our Protectors.  The plants, animals and the Humans (us) need these trees to live. Fewer trees also create more greenhouse gasses and climate change. This also leads to more Extreme Natural Disasters- Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods, Wind/Fire Storms, etc.

Can you Imagine what it would be without These Trees altogether? 

This is where we are headed if we do not change our ways.


What we Choose to eat Affects the Planet and all of Life.

WE can Literally choose not to Destroy our Planet,

simply by choosing with our forks what we eat.


 Scientists say that we only have until 2048

before All the Fish are Gone from the Ocean. 


Of course they (scientists) are being really nice and conservative,

what with the population of humans growing every day (216,000 every day)

and consuming more and more Meat, Dairy, Eggs (that often end up as Fish Food for the Factory Farmed Fish) and SeaFood. 

When already 3/4 of the Oceans Are Over Exploited/Over Fished

  The Ocean is dying.
 The Conservatory Organization Sea Shepard says that 
  “if the Ocean Dies, We Die”. 

This is the Truth. This is the Reality. 


We are taking more fish out than what who ( the fish) can reproduce...

Also for every 1 pound of consumable fish/seafood 5 pounds of marine life gets caught/ harmed/ killed/ or thrown out in the process, ie, like Sea Turtles, Dolphins, whales, manatees, etc...

 There is also Water Depletion/ Drought concerns. Why do we have so many droughts? Why is California and other states mostly in Extreme Drought?


 The Number 1 Leading cause to Water Depletion is the Livestock Industry.
         A Single QuarterPound Hamburger uses 660 gallons of water
                 - is the equivalent of taking Two Months Showers...!
       2500 Gallons of Water is utilized for 1 Pound of Beef.
      900 Gallons of Water for 1 Gallon of Milk
     1340 Gallons of water for 1 Pound of Cheese
     640 gallons water for 1 pound of chicken
     You get the picture... That is A Lot of Water! 
      We are running out of time for all of these issues.  

What is going to happen when all the water is gone? Think About it. 

Sky Rocketing Prices of Food will be one huge concern.  Riots in the Streets.

 What about when the Grains Are Gone?
We do not have enough to Feed 7 Billion People,

yet we have way more than enough to Feed, Fatten and Slaughter

70 Billion Land Animals Every Year. 


Why you ask?  Because 77% of the grains goes to feed the animals instead of the people. 

82% of the people in UnderDeveloped Countries grains goes to feed the Animals to be Bred, Fattened, Slaughtered, and then Served to the Well Developed World’s population, such as USA, Europe and the UK. This is A lot of grains that could go Directly to the People!!!

 Did you know that Every 3.6 Seconds a Person Dies of Starvation.

 75% of them are Children.  This is the Truth. This is the Stark Reality.


These are just some Parts of the Greater issues at hand.  
These are just some of the Many things that need to be Truly Discussed and Understood by the Greater Communities.  

WE can Not Deny these Truths anymore. 
WE cannot sit idly by watching the Destruction of the Earth.

We cannot Rely upon the Mainstream Media, the Government, or the Environmental Groups (who want the truths to be hidden)! 

 We the People Must Take action.  We must Speak Up.  We must Educate others
We need to make this Info Viral.  Please Share this Info with your friends!  

Please if you can, make copies of it if it and put it places if it resonates with you

and or you want to help Mother Earth!

We need to share the planet with others, not harm any living being, or destroy the planet. 

It is Vitally Important to reach out to others if we want to save the Earth;

if we want to Create a Beautiful World for Future Generations. 

At least help others understand what we are doing to the planet

so we can change the ways we live!


More info herehttp://www.earthsave.org/environment.htm 


 Good article on Ending World Hunger: 

 http://www.vegankit.com/ another way to help heal the planet….


 http://www.cowspiracy.com/ the Documentary that is very Eye Opening.