17:D Honoring Gaia and The Angel Catch

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by Rick Keefe, with significant contributions by Maritza Keefe, Jaime Gould, Rachel Provo-Dashkiwsky, Mollie Chivington, Ian Nilram, with special astrological material by Laura Walker, and special channeled material via Natalie Glasson and Isis-Neith Shanti



Part One: Our Group Experience

How Our Group came Together; Rachel's Vision of a Sacred Circle; The Drive to Vail; Preparing to go into the Circle; The Blessed Water; The Ceremony in the Sacred Circle; The Drive to the Creek; The Hike in the Dark Down to Cienaga Creek; The Angel Catch; Offering Water in the Creek with Spirits All Around Us; Climbing Back Out; The Return

Part Two: How My Mind Dealt With the Angel Catch

The Next Five Days; Spiritual Support; Jaime's Revelation; Rachel's Sacred Gatherings

Part Three: Contemplations

Contemplations about the Angel Catch and Gaia; Guidance April 9, 2015; Channeling of Archangel Metatron May 17, 2016; Channeling Mother Earth June 6, 2016



Part One: Our Group Experience



When a group of people get together with benevolent intentions for a sacred purpose, magic can happen, and it can happen for you.

Our group began to come together midway into 2014 through a spiritual support group that some of us still attend once a month under the high ceilings in the back of a small candle company in Tucson. The shop is named Mystic Candles and Metaphysical, created and managed by a charismatic young woman named Mollie.

Urgent Message for Mother Earth! Please Read!

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In 10 to 15 years according to scientists

all rainforests in the world will be gone.

Right now we are demolishing 1 Acre of Rain Forests/Land every Second...
at least 100 Entire Plant and Animal Species go Extinct Every day.  

The crazy thing is that  91% of the Rain Forests/ Lands Demolished are by the Livestock Industry (Meat, Dairy, Eggs )That is a huge percentage...


 Why is this urgent?

The rain forests Trees are a major source of oxygen for us to Breathe. 

The Rainforest Trees form a Canopy around the earth that keeps out most of the Radiation from the Sun.  They are like our Protectors.  The plants, animals and the Humans (us) need these trees to live. Fewer trees also create more greenhouse gasses and climate change. This also leads to more Extreme Natural Disasters- Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods, Wind/Fire Storms, etc.

Can you Imagine what it would be without These Trees altogether? 

This is where we are headed if we do not change our ways.


What we Choose to eat Affects the Planet and all of Life.

WE can Literally choose not to Destroy our Planet,

simply by choosing with our forks what we eat.


 Scientists say that we only have until 2048

before All the Fish are Gone from the Ocean. 


Of course they (scientists) are being really nice and conservative,

what with the population of humans growing every day (216,000 every day)

and consuming more and more Meat, Dairy, Eggs (that often end up as Fish Food for the Factory Farmed Fish) and SeaFood. 

When already 3/4 of the Oceans Are Over Exploited/Over Fished

Walk in the Forest to Heal Oneself

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By: Bhavika, 12/03/2013


Photo: Michael Hanson – Olympic National Park, Washington


Spending time in nature is healing energy for the mind, body and soul. The idea with Shinrin-yoku, a term coined by the government in 1982 but inspired by ancient Shinto and Buddhist practices, is to let nature enter your body through all five senses, and feel at one with the forest. It is about being mindful of your surroundings and the experience. It’s not about extreme outdoor sports or being alone in the wilderness, but about allowing your body and psyche to unwind in the peace of the woods, similar to natural aromatherapy. Ancient wisdom and tribes, who live in harmony with nature, have advocated this for long, and only in recent years there have been studies carried out to prove the health benefits of forest bathing.


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Every Action,
Every Vibration,
Every Movement,
Every Sensation,
Perfect beyond Measure!
All in Life,
Is a jewel of a treasure.

Rainstorms, lightning & sun,
Dance in harmony as weather.

As sadness, joy & suffering,
Flap their wings together.

While love, pain & ecstasy,
Rise like waves then settle.

The mountain is always unified,
Every altitude & level.


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