Valleys of Beauty

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God said:

If I am God in Heaven, then you are My child in Heaven. If I am God on earth, then you are My child on earth. That We are together is indisputable. Where I am must be Heaven, so there is no earth. There is only Heaven.

We can say that Heaven is transported to another dimension called earth where Heaven is not so visible. Through the density, Our light has been distorted. It has been bent, refracted. An image is projected that is not quite true. And that is called life on earth.

Nevertheless, all the beauty of Heaven is here. You see signs of it everywhere. What do you think spring is if not from Heaven? The sun, the sky, the growing things, the heart of you — all from Heaven.

Isn't it amazing that My children can delude themselves into thinking they are disheartened? It is an impossibility. But My children are often in denial, denial of the wonder that surrounds and permeates.

You try to keep yourself inviolate. There is no need.

Denial is most often thought of as averting negative aspects because you want only to believe in the goodness of you. The goodness of you is not something to be believed in. You don't have to believe in truth. Your belief has nothing to do with it. You are inviolate, so you need deny yourself nothing. Certainly do not deny yourself the fruits of earth and the joys of Heaven. They are meant for you.

If you see bleakness in front of you, it is because you are not seeing. You are blinding yourself. You are afraid of sand hitting your eyes, and you close them.

There are mountains and valleys of beauty before you. The valleys are no less beautiful than the mountains. All congruence is beautiful. You find the valleys less beautiful only because you have the idea that they should be mountains.

You have the idea that what you want should be, but I have to tell you, My undeniable children, that you don't know what you want, and you don't know what you have. You have had the tendency to look at the wrong side of the ledger.

I would say: Don't look at the ledger. Don't keep a ledger. Recording, remembering, reviewing are not quite the same as living. Each configuration of life is new. Be open to it, not closed. Stop counting old events. Instead, turn to what is in front of you. It is not a mirage in front of you. The mirages are behind you.

Set your sights on what is right here in front of you.

Eat the meal before you. Eat with relish. Dig in.

This is your life served you. Don't be so fussy. Make it what you will. It is a passing thing. Each meal presented to you does not have to be gourmet. It can be plain and simple. It can be hearty fare. Your life really is not in adhered increments; you do not have to lean on the past in order to get to the present. The present is yours. The past is not.

Do not get ready for life. Enter it. You have had enough preparation. There is nothing to prepare for. Just enter. Readiness is not an issue. Readiness means you wait for something. There is nothing to wait for. You have been waiting all your life. You have been waiting for what is right in front of you that you haven't dared to see.

Hold not yourself back from life.

This is the time to jump in.

On the surface, you may not see change. But the surface is not where life is. Life is not what car you drive. Not even what route you take. Life is your awareness and your inclination.

Meet life. Walk up to it. Shake its hand. Greet it like a long-lost friend.