At The Verge of a Society Meltdown Keeping The Light Radiating

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It's June 1st and the US is being torn with a wave of demonstrations, mostly peaceful, turned into looting acts. The fear is palpable, if not for the uncertainty. We might be paranoid but we removed the furniture on the front porch because residential areas would be next after looters pillage businesses.

Yesterday's looting was abysmal. It feels like society at its end. I feel I am witnessing yet again Athens at the end of its heyday, a feeling I've had for so long -- anticipation. Looters were driving their own cars and making off with boxes on items. We can blame them for their actions but they certainly did not happen in a vacuum. We all hold a part of the responsibility but not the act itself.

The night was spent with helicopter hovering, fireworks mixed with gunshots. The African American man who past away at the end of three -- I can't think of the right words to describe these men -- police officers stirred a country ready to explode, if not implode. The elite is hunkering down in their mansions hoping the weather the storm. Good luck with that one!

Yesterday we had a 6 pm county lockdown but our city said at 8 pm. It makes you wonder who's in charge of what sometimes? Today, we had a curfew of 4 pm, which turned into 5 pm. I just saw a young lady walking her dog at 5:30 pm. Go figure!

With all this, I feel strangely calm. I feel a feeling of peace coming over me as if I had been previously trained to handle tough times. I feel I've lived through much worse and I intuitively know what we can and need to do. But the one thing I feel we are doing differently is to hold the space of the result which is glowingly positive when it gets there.

So I'm thinking of all my sisters and brothers of the Light as we hold that Light and let it spread, one connection to the next.