This is VERY Exciting, the Doorway to the light has opened for me.

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Mild Bill Peacock
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This is VERY Exciting, the Doorway to the light has opened for me.


Hello, I am Mild Bill, I have become very recently receptive and available for this information  that IS NEW TO ME concerning the coming  EVENT and the necessity for a Conscious Effort of Will coming from the masses in order to initiate the change. I had ALL but given up on this world, and quit my job and removed myself from society because I knew that , well I felt that, something was Terribly wrong with Society and that it was  PHYSICALLY and Mentally TOXIC to life. I have been seeking the knowledge that I need for myself in order to go forward and Be part of the change and to help others understand. I have listened to the words of Cobra, and I believe. How can I help? Love and Light.
   P.S. I guess  my first responsibility that is needed in order to go forward is of the Detoxification  of ME, as I am now. I ask for some guidance because I feel that my body is still very polluted. I have already made changes in my Diet, my Attitude and my WILL to become of the LIGHT.  Thank You, Mild Bill  ~Victory of the Light

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Namaste Mild Bill

Greetings Bill

I would like to share some things that have greatly helped my awakening process to detox mental ,emotional ,energetic pathways.

I'll   list a a  couple websites with lots of powerful courses for learning to manage ones energy. Its hard nearly imposible to manage ones thoughts words and actions whilst being toxic.


Lots of water ,,healthy water  ,,get  trace minerals  from a health food  store ,,write the  word love on the pitcher or bottle of  water , get  a  cool color  marker  go  around your  space  writting  love  write it on everything your feel drawn too,,,,,fuse box to house,,,  water  inlet pipe,can of  cat  food,,,the steak  thats  thats  marinating in fridge,,,ect  ect,,,,these things will change the home energy in a deep way . Everything you eat hold your hand above imagening a vilot figure 8 in your palm,,infinity loop   Powerful....

Learn about     Ho o ponpono  !!!   Use  It,,,look up  the  word  and   read about it  it Hawaian  spiritual practice of  awakening.

I have been at it over twenty yrs  reading  working as  a healer ,,getting  work on me ,,striving,,desiring  change

I can now demostrate the change,,,,first  I had to be able to concepualize  the  change

what the bleep do know  down the rabbit  hole  movie,,,thrive   movie

All the  best of the best  is  in  Jim Selfs web  site,,theres a free webinar  on  thursday this  week  sign  up

Learning to be  Grounded,,working with the rose as a tool to gather yourself  all here now  in your body in the center of your head ,,looking out your eyes as windows,,,knowing  everything you  see is  shakespheres play  for  your  amuzement,,,to  have  fun  with  it  all,,,These things  are  very helpful ,,esp.  being  grounded and  connected  with mother earth,,,the  grounding webinar  in  the  ten fundamental  tools  in  super  important  to  release  toxic cellular goop,,,mental  ,emotional  goop  lots of free audio  tracts   very  powerful tools   to assist  awakening  creating the world you dream of. Jim  Self  is Teacher that has such a clear  line of sight to awakening along with the arch angels  the pathway is so fun to  learn and incoporate the tools into ones self  as  they are  who we really  are,,,being  happy,,capable and certain  I like  Me  are a   couple dynamics you  learn  to release  the  shadows ,,,egos  hold  on the mind,,thoughts,,words and  actions  that  create your  reality.....You'll learn to be masterful in what you create in your reality,,in the  free library  scroll  back to the ten fundamental  tools  webinar   its  a  great place to start,,,however  in  any of the webinars  your  getting  an energetic  treatment,,healing,,awakening,,,upliftment,,,a guidepost to see n  feel  different choices available

Jo Dunning  .com   awesome healing tools available ,,,I  recommend  the 5 energy process webinar  very affordable  super powerful  you  can then pass it along to other people that are  ready and willing like yourself ,,to recieve energy work directly from source ,,,,this  webinar  is like  having a powerful  Reiki  session  whenever you  want listening to the audio tract ,,awesome  tool  Any of the seminars  ,,webinars  create life  changing fertile  ground,,for  your  soul  to blend with your  personality .

Learn  to  smuge  with  sage ,,,learn to clean the house if  not  already,,,not trying to be smart ,,, its  important

your living space needs to inspire,,nurture your spirit,,,the music your listen too  ,,the  books you read,,,the things you surround your self with have energy  choose  beautiful  energy

Go  to  an  advanced  somato emotional  release therapist ,,Up Ledger  has a list of those in your  area  to help.


See  a  Barbara Brenna  Gradute  in your  area  ,,,Get a massage  from someone  ,,By  yourself  some flowers.


Read  or  watch  Eckert Tolle

Congradulations  Bill


love  n  light





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HI Bill, We offer Awakening Sessions

HI Bill, Welcome to the Awakening Process, We highly recommend connecting in with us for an awakening session this would assist you in a clearer Path. Here is the Link to schedule one of these with us! Thanks for Being Here, We Love You!

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

Mild Bill Peacock
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This is So AMAZING! Theres No Turning Back....

I haven't been able to stop thinking about You. I am finding it challenging to keep a cork on my overflow of emotions and realizations of TRUTH. I am so relieved and grateful, that I just want to do everything I can to Shed whatever  Taint there is left in me, Repair myself back to perfect, and Then be available and in position for those that I can help. I will give  what I have. I must have been a challenge to wake up. I apologize,... for myself ( My Skin self) and for anyone else that comes to the light semi awake but still behaves selfishly.  I feel as if I don't have to type anything and that everything I've done or am thinking is known. You have Directly answered questions for me through this website. I have seen enough GREAT WORK to know that a coincidence, it is not. I have  So many questions to ask, and I now know I can find the answers to many , myself.  I am still very undisciplined, but now there is only 1 goal. I know that Time and Timing are out of our control. If I am not recognizing any messages  being sent mentally, I will check here or email.  Thanks to You and Everyone else around the world and beyond That have been working to  Unleash the Love. Good Night.smiley

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when you say recently receptive what do you mean. was it a "moment" or a build up.

j m

Mild Bill Peacock
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I will CLEAN  Myself MORE...

I will CLEAN  Myself MORE... I DO know what needs to be done




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