"Voila, This Is You, My Beloved!"

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God said:

Beloved, you radiate a vibration in the world. Fingerprints are said to be individual. There is not one other set of fingerprints in the world just like yours.

Even as all are One, One Magnificent One, no one individually radiates the same vibration as you do, and you do it so naturally without giving a thought to it. Naturally means without effort. It takes no effort for a rose to grow. It takes no effort for spring to become summer.

In terms of the world, your sole vibration may also vary. There are moments when your vibrancy is tip-top, and other moments when you may vibrate slower or faster.

No matter, I know how to pick you out in a crowd. I know you. It can be said that I single you out. No thought goes into it, you understand. I know you instantly. No thinking has to go into it.

“Voila, it’s you!”

You shine above the crowd. It is your vibration that dances to a different beat, slower or faster, or to a certain staccato perhaps. It doesn’t matter. It is you.

You, yourself, also feel your own tempo to suit yourself more than at one time than another.

It is your vibration dancing. Your vibration may be more charming one time or another. Still, it is you, My darling.

We could be talking about a grade of silk that feels a little different to the touch from the one next to it.

We speak of a certain scent of a rose almost indiscernible from another, yet it is you as One Rose like no other. Regardless of the fact that each soul is One, each soul has its own whisper.

Beloved, I would know you anywhere.

You do understand that I can pick you out in a crowd.

“Ah, this is you, My Beloved,” My heart says, and We embrace. My recognition is not even a heart’s breath away from you.

I do not have to think. I know.

You also know when you are picking up on a different vibration. It will come to you. Not that it has to, yet you do desire in the same way that you want to name this tune.

You may wonder whether life passes by only in thoughts. You turn a book’s pages, and so you think you read and live it.

In the sense of sight, there are colors. In the sense of hearing, there are sounds and tones.

In all senses, there are subtleties. There may be subtleties that you may discern yet may not be able to describe. You know indescribably. You may forget an intrinsic name in a thrice, yet you almost have its name and where it lives.

This is something like the way you can recall whether it is today or tomorrow on the days when you are not yet sure for one moment of abandon. Really, when push comes to shove, why do you have to know? Perhaps sense of time is having its fun with you.

Of course, the answer to what time is it – even without a clock, you can say NOW.

The answer to where are you is HERE.

The answer to where do you live is ON EARTH. The answer could also be IN HEAVEN.

If you are asked WHO IS YOUR FATHER? say GOD.

Beloved, what more do you need to know?

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