Wake Up To Your Divinity

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We are much more than this body and mind; we are in essence a soul. This soul, god spark, consciousness, or whatever you would like to call this life force that animates these bones and flesh is who we TRULY are. This 3D world around us is only a projection, and is in fact simply trapped energy. This is all verifiable through modern quantum physics.


This year of 2012 is a very special year and unprecedented in known history. We are completing a 26,000 year cycle around the Pleiades, and a 225 MILLION year cycle of our sun around the galactic center. This completion has been called various things in various cultures. In one way or another the phrase “The Golden Age” is a sufficient way of describing it. Our planet will be in direct alignment with the center of the galaxy, and we are receiving a highly charged energy that will be evolving our DNA at very subtle levels. Change is coming. You can see this in the world today as it seems it is in upheaval everywhere and corruption is being exposed at every corner.  There is a plethora of information available, if one cared to look, that clearly documents how we as a society have been manipulated, how this has been accomplished, and this is all coming to the surface. People are starting to see through all the BS and have had enough. This has sparked the Occupy movement that is not just Wall Street but a GLOBAL phenomenon. Enough is enough; we can create a much better world than this. WE in fact have that capability through our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. As I said earlier, our true essence is a soul, not this body and mind. Our souls are all pieces of one entity. Call it god, universe, nature, it’s all the same. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. A good analogy that I find useful is to picture an ocean and then see it dispersed into little drops.


We are all drops that make up the same ocean. Your consciousness effects mine and vice versa. The more people who hold higher energy, vibrations, or whatever you want to call it, the more the Global consciousness is affected for the better. The higher energy or vibrations come from positivity and love. This is not a new concept, just not mainstream. Quantum physics has shown us that we have a direct influence on the particles, via our thoughts and emotions, which make up this physical world. There is also the law of attraction. Whatever energy or vibration you put out, you attract. As our planet is AMPLIFIED like it never has been, this is the year that we as a group, as one consciousness have the ability to catapult ourselves into the golden age. Our thoughts and emotion are becoming MAGNIFIED like never before, and we can change this planet, which is only a projection of our global consciousness, once and for all. If we can simply realize the power we have as individuals and a group, we could change this place in an INSTANT.


It is time to put aside our petty differences and COME TOGETHER. We have been for too long divided and conquered on insignificant issues that only keep us apart, and allow for easier control by those who wish to keep us ignorant for selfish reasons.  Fear, hatred, negativity, jealousy, judging others, and any LOW vibrating thought and emotion are only illusions, they are NOT YOU. You are divine, we are all divine, and it is time to ACT divine. Our true essence is compassion, love, creativity, and peace. WE CAN create this heaven on Earth if we only realize this. Recognize your mind and how it thinks. Are these the thoughts you want to identify with? Is this the “movie reel” that you claim to be yours? It is important to be able to go within and realize your TRUE SELF.  So please, inform yourselves and help change this place in whatever way you can. You can do that by simply staying positive, and not getting caught up in this drama, this ILLUSION. Whatever you feel, WE ALL FEEL. Be the change you want to see.


With my Love,