was this my activation?

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was this my activation?

posting this for a beautiful friend, a recently acquired friend, the same one from a recent posting of mine entitled "special communication during telepathy". would appreciate some feedback and also posting to help others understand. thank guys, love you, tommy.

Well I had this experience and I struggled to make sense of what happened to me for a very long time and no one could help me. Please see what you think dear. About three years ago I went on a meditation/ OBE workshop in London for a weekend. I'd never meditated before this. Each session we listened to binaural beats and isotronic tones. From the offset i had experiences of being by the pyramids and there was like electrical light coming out of it and it went in to my body and out through my hands. My body was physically vibrating. Another time i was surrounded by translucent type beings and their eyes looked so overjoyed to see me. Even though they didn't embrace me i felt as though they were, so much love i felt in my heart like never before. I saw Jesus and he too seemed so overjoyed to see me. I felt so much love that i had to come out of the meditation because i was so touched that i was crying. Then i was uncontrollably sobbing in the disbelief thinking i am too unworthy to see him. And with both eyes open i saw colourful geometric shapes before me changing colours just like looking thorough a kaleidoscope. I saw other things in sessions before i left. I was advised to search you tube for some tracks for meditation that I liked, which i did when i got home. One track sounded like someone in the background saying relax, easy. Another one was thousand angel choir another was binaural beats and the last one was Tibetan monks OM. I listened to these before going to bed at about 11 pm. At 3 am I was slowly aroused by one of these tracks playing in my head and a mans voice saying relax easy, but not from any external device and not coming in through my ears. I PROMISE I TELL YOU THE TRUTH. It was exactly as though i had an i pod with headphones on and the music had great clarity and crispness. At first on arousal i was thinking i was still in a meditation session in London. But as the music got louder I came to the realisation that i was nt and after opening my eyes obviously i was in my bedroom. Then the music got louder and the next track overlaid the first so it was binaural beats on top of the last. This music was of the best HD quality I'd ever heard. Then the angel choir starts going off over the top of the previous two ever increasing with volume and lastly the OM. It was as though my brain had recorded and replayed what i had heard earlier. I got up and went to the loo. It felt like vibrations started going through my body they got gradually stronger and I could feel electrical currents pass around me. Then there was like a vroom vroom vroom noise of intense power and surrounding me encompassing me i t was like a tornado. Now I was standing up at this time holding on to the wall outside my bathroom. I couldn't move or speak as this was incredibly intense. There was something round inside and outside of my head and it was spinning so fast with such great force and somehow I knew it was hollow in the middle. Then it felt like my whole body was in an incredible vortex of energy so powerful. My whole body was vibrating and pulsing. After some time the music volume turned itself down then some of the tracks stopped playing and just left me with the relax easy one with isotonic tones in the background. I started to be overcome with sleepiness and kind of went trancy and got back in bed and fell straight to sleep. When I woke in the morning straight away I thought OMG what the heck happened to me?? And was feeling rather terrified. I'm not scared now though but it would have been good if id known that this may happen before it did. And i'd really love to know what exactly this is and love to hear from someone else who has experienced this. Since then about six months ago i was reading a book in my garden and golden spheres manifested before me which ended up looking the solar system very colourful and moving around. I tried to put my hand through it but nothing was there, (well not that you could hold) it was all very bright great clarity.

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my immediate response to my wonderful friend

and every person that shares their story helps a hundred more understand theirs. that they are not alone, and that's important, alot of things are happening to people that they don't understand. and the more people that share their stories, the more people accept their activation and step into their divine rolls, and this planet and the people needs every one of you.

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I experienced something similar

It's a point in our kundalini where the energie is focus so strongly on a chakra that our body energy systems explodes when it gets to a blockage and usually people go out of body when this happens. My experience I was in a hospital and I went to relax on the bed and I started focusing on a point in my minds eye, I was viewing the car that I drove in that time, it focused on some dials and the closer it did focus the more intense the joy got, Until a point where it overloaded and EXTREMELY loud noise and sounds like my brain was being scanned by some kind of alien technology, I couldent move or breathe or anything and for a good 10secs I saw myself out of body, and holding with each hand my head on the side and going HOLLY F!! haha but usually it's the kundalini and energy centers of the chakras that aren't open that overload and jolts of energy expand trought your body. That's what I heard that makes sense anyhow.

Well Thanks for sharing man, Be at One


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it is what it is

Thomas, these wonderful experiences are a gathering so to speak of your dreams. You envisioned these things to be so as your perception of reality. We try so hard to compare these events to lower vibrational activity. I hope for your sake you do not give up simply because you haven't the ability to rationalize these things. You recieved quite a gift. You did ask for it by a perception within your soul/spirit self/higherself....Now the human will never be the same. Good for you. The possibilities are infinite. Go with it and continue to create to your hearts content. Manifestations are right around the corner as you choose to experience anything and you are fully convinced these things already are there/here, then while doing something different you may look up and have another eureka moment. It never gets boring.

  I am taking a long shot here but, when I read your screen name, the face of an old friend came to mind. I wonder if you ever worked at Toro in Willmar? This person too was a thomasinmn.

Please continue with your heart felt activity. For every one who activates this energy becomes a working model for those arround you to turn on the long lost switch.



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thanks guys

thanks for helping, this wasn't myself unfortunately, a very special friend i met from the U.K.. trust me, she's not wasting it, she's having a blast. she's a strong telepath, remote viewer, she can see beyond the veil, visions constantly, orbs all the time. visits from all kinds of entities. watches the clearing of the negative beings around her house. i've worked a little telepathy with her, shes helping me. she can pick stuff out of my head so fast, i barely get it there. i mostly get feelings from her. i can lay down for bed and put on telepathic frequency beats, spend a half hour sending images or activities. if she's busy during transmission, when she lays back to relax, she gets em, she'll shoot me a message hours later and say thanks. it's been an eye opening experience for me, really get excited to see what lies in store for all of us someday. she told me i'm her twin flame, she confirmed it. i'm no where near the level of evolvement she is, but working on it. i have studied all this from a 3d point of view so to speak for a year and a half, 6 to 10 hours a day. i live and breath it, it's so much fun. that's how we connected, she had the intuition and i packed my brain with so much knowledge that when she started asking questions about herself, i was able to answer or at least point her in the right direction, or it would make me go searching and learning new stuff. i also helped her make sense of her visions relating to stuff happening in the world.

no, sorry dreamer, never worked at toro in willmar, i grew up near brainerd, in pequot lakes, now i live next town north, jenkins. i do remember my grandfolks taking me to willmar as i child to visit relatives, i don't remember names, i just remember them having a per flying squirrel, lol, i'm from the shumaker clan out of grand rapids.

well thanks for the responses, she enjoyed reading them, namaste, love and light


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