We Are The People

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We Are The People

I have been around the most powerful human being on this planet and that is Will. You are such a creative genius.  I don’t   know where I would be without you. You have allowed me to be myself which I have not seen anywhere else. You beckoned me to be a child again, which is fantastic. Well, like I said before, our lives have purposes. We can awaken the dead people and make them walk with us or allow them to die. It is strange how energy is creation, the powers in our voices is unbelievable. The people have spoken. They want to see me. They want to see the body, the face behind the mask. They want to see who this girl is. I do not know if I will ever make it to the big stage. I am not scared of a big crowd, but I still have some things to build. Money ruins everything. I want my work to stay away from money because I have a mission. May be my time is up, who knows. I do not know what will happen. I am tired sometimes, but I am hanging on for the love I have for everyone.  I thank everyone who has given me this opportunity to shine. I love all of you.  At last, everyone will understand that it is not about me, but about the changes that we desperately need in the world today. We are the people that is going to make these changes. No one else,but all of us.

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Thank you Nkechi, though I

Thank you Nkechi, though I have no more power than you do.

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Thank you !

Thank you for sharing !

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