What articles would you like to see on the Galactic Free Press?

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I'm working on getting the site back up to speed, I just re-enabled user registration, and also replaced the previous comment system with Disqus. Soon, this site should have more of it's own content again, and it will work alongside our sister site, Awakening Daily, instead of depending upon AD for most of the content. While that's being set up, I wanted to get some input as to which authors people would like to see on the Galactic Free Press. So far I plan on featuring:

The Creator Writings


Knowing Whispers

Aligned Holistics

Mayan Messages

Trinity Esoterics

Probably Waking Times and Collectively Conscious for the more general articles

As well as any other individual articles we find interesting and our original writings.

Any other authors or sites that people would be interested in seeing on the Galactic Free Press? I'd prefer to feature sources that are more focused upon being the change than predicting changes.



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Thank you Will, Recently, I have been writing everyday now as if I have a deadline. I am working with an editor who has kept me under a schedule.  Although, it feels like I have a dead line.  Last time I was worried about time and space .I used to worry about events, people. Now I am worried that I have been captured. I hate to come close for people to feel my presence. I have run for love because I am always busy doing nothing. I find it hard to commit to relations because of my conflicting nature. I love and hate something as same time. It is hard to commit to any relationship, but it is over now. I love where I am now. I love the heart that I have now, because you have opened my heart. You have opened the door of commitment. I love to go and die with poets; they are the only ones that understand me. No matter what I do, they always welcome me with open arms. The only thing between me and the world now is just conscience.  People are frustrated with me, I could see, hear how impatient they are becoming, but I am a careful person. I hate to dive; I hate to explain myself to people that will not understand me. I have been bruised too because of the conspiracy to tamper with my blog. At one point all I have was my blog. It was where everything began; at one point they restricted the number of people that will see my post. Then I went and opened another one at world press, org and someone technically put himself as an administrator in my own blog. I can’t complain because they have blocked my blog, making it hard for me to feel comfortable writing there. May be you can open my blog again. I can let you in as an administrator so that you can help me.  I love to write, but with big opinions that is making it hard for people to breath.  But instead of complaining, I turn my sorrow into using my Facebook which is not helping me either, because all it is doing is bringing more people and that is not the idea. Tell me what you think. You are amazing.

If you want, send me your

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If you want, send me your blog's info through the contact form here: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/contact-us

And I can see about fixing your Wordpress blog.