What Does it Mean to Connect Multidimensionally?

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I wish to make you aware of an important date coming soon, emphasizing what we may be called to do together. Why is the 8-8 important? August 8th is called the Lion's Gate or the Infinity Portal, connected with the Star Sirius, and also the double numbers of 8 and 8 representing infinity. 2015 is also an eight number if you add up the digits as numerologists do, which means it is the 888 portal to infinity. I am seeing that it connects to a grand orchestration by our universe, and our solar system to beam light onto planet earth in a way that brings keys and codes that help us evolve. The light codes come into the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in Giza, anchoring this light to earth. Light carries codes, which is light in-formation or light information. The Great Central Sun is transmitting, and it is a grander orchestration for life on earth to receive, along with the planet herself.


A vision for that day is shows the Sirians placing seeds of diamonds into our third eyes for illumination and the receiving of templates of the cities of light. The Cities of Light are based on converging of high vibrational individuals (those aware of the shift and energy sensitive) to come together with those they resonate with, whether in person or online. We are encouraged to connect multidimensionally on this date, and also before and after the date. This brings soul family together, and like minded beings who wish to connect spiritually. This is the beginning of pods or pod consciousness. We receive codes and templates for unity through meditation and through being in unity within sacred space of one another. This will be a beginning to our next level spiritual opening which will be facilitated by the coming together in groups, and the codes, and our own personal practice of meditation and connecting with our guides and councils of light within.


How do you connect multidimensionally? I want to share some tips that have worked for me and would love others to share as well. First, there is connecting with yourself and then there is connecting with others. It doesn't really matter which you do first but practicing helps it go deeper and there is more magic possible when you do it repeatedly with another, or alone. These are suggestions and there are many ways in which to do this! However you spend time in meditation with yourself of another is greatly encouraged and highly beneficial.


To Connect with Yourself:


Lie down or sit with your eyes closed. I like to do this in the morning when I wake up, or before I go to sleep but anytime is good. Feeling your high heart space can be a place to start. Or perhaps noticing your breathing. Relax and then create sacred space with your imagination within the space you are in. You may see yourself in a medicine wheel as one possibility.


Vertical Connection


Another way involves creating a vertical connection with source and the earth making you a bridge between heaven and earth, or a pillar of light. First, feel yourself first connected to Mother Earth to the center of the earth, as if you have roots from your base chakra. Let them grow all the way to the crystaline core of the earth. Bring up the energy of Earth to your heart space. Then you can connect to all that is, above and beyond earth, the energy of the Heavens and then bring that loving energy to your heart. You can mix the energies and love of the earth with the sky within the space of your heart. This gives you a vertical connection as if you are in a pillar of light and there is a spinning vortex around you. The spinning gives you a higher vibrational spin of frequency and helps you be connected to higher guidance.


Calling in your Council of Light


Meanwhile, invite your guides and angels to join you and be connected to you. Be sure to invite your higher self (or I AM Presence) to step into you and all of these beings to communicate. Use language that you enjoy such as Source or Great Spirit, angels,elementals, or ascended masters or the universe, prime creator, or Father Mother God, in whatever way feels good to you and resonates with your spiritual beliefs. Ask that those aligned with the highest good in support of your ascension process be present with you, if you so wish.


Now relax, breathe, and commune in silence with your team or council of light, which is what you can call the collective of guides that are there with you when you meditate. They are there with you and part of connecting with your guides is feeling their energies. Notice any sensations in your body- that is communication. Notice words you hear, or things you may see with your inner sight.


You can ask questions whether yes or no for what you might want to know about. You can also ask for imagery and interpret the images that come through. You do that by asking within, and asking what it means as if it were a dream. That means that everything is a metaphor.


The idea is that you are speaking to yourself so there is nothing to fear, as this is a higher aspect of yourself and the beings you call in and are speaking to are aspects of you too, in support of you. On the higher levels, all is connected. The meditation with yourself opens up a conduit to source and to your higher self and guides. Even if at first there is not much you feel or receive as far as communication, the fact that you opened the conduit is important.


You can ask or command your source and your team of light to assist you and tell them how they may assist you, and ask to witness the assistance in your inner vision. Asking for healing of the self or others is an obvious thing to ask, but you can ask for anything as long it is aligned for the highest good. As you become more used to this, your prayers will be for others as much as yourself and you will come to realize that you are here to assist others and be shown how to do so. It is wonderful to call your team of light in meditation. How about giving them something to do? They wish to illuminate your path and knowing. They wish to help the planet and you, through you. It is comforting to commune with them and feel or see them, as they wish to appear to you and also in the settings that will give you more of a multidimensional experience within.


At the end of your meditation you can close the conduit by thanking your team, and also say you can be disconnected for the sake of meditation but to stay with you and communicate with you for the benefit of living your life. This will make you more inclined to ask for help and to notice synchronicty as you go about your day, and to feel supported.


Multidimensionally Connecting with Others


Two people can meditate face-to-face on video, or in person. It can be more than two people. It is a similar process yet the group or the facilitator can decide how to get into sacred space together. Being led into meditation is wonderful. The meditation can be a visiualization that gets everyone in the same space together. Opening the heart, and feeling all hearts as one vibrating at a high state of love feels really good, but there are many other ways to do it.


Each person can call in their team silently from the heart.If it is one other person you can each speak your guides names out loud. The facilitator can say that we invite only those beings aligned with the highest good to present. Allow some silence to get into sync, and get into a more expanded state of conciousness, such as the Theta brainwave state that comes in relaxation and often silence. Often times we feel one another's hearts and connect them, and also merge together in a unity configuration, or one whole being of light.


By going into sacred space together and merging with one another, and also with our higher selves, our I AM Presence (a fancy way of saying I AM Presence), the Greater I AM Presence (more of a collective together Higher Self), and our teams of light; we are more likely to experience multidimensionality. Merging with one another may feel like your hearts or even bodies are becoming one in a holographic quantum way. We can asked to be placed in a unity configuration together which is commanding or asking for this merging. You are also merged with source, with the heart of God, when you merge with others. From a space of sacred unity, we have more authority to change this planet if we are working together for the greater whole. Our own raising of frequency is received along with the raising of the greater collective's frequency.


What is "experiencing multidimensionality?"


Multidimensionality is the understanding that we exist in many planes of existence at the same time. It is being able to access those other planes of existence through our senses to this reality, in this physical body via our perception. Experiencing multidimensionality is when our intuitive knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling and experiencing gets turned up. We are able to understand our inner guidance and also add to the guidance from Source that is coming through for our group. Our group may be doing planetary service for the earth or for the shift or for assisting life or ending suffering, or perhaps healing work. We get clues as to what to do and what is happening by multidimensional sensory clues. By being in a group with others, our own sensory knowing, or sixth sense gets turned on higher. We see from our third eyes more easily with practice, and with others in a state of meditation. The meditation in this case is where we share verbally. One person sharing from the heart what he sees and is experiencing leads others to feel it too. The meditation together is an interaction and mutual journey, and there is silence sprinkled in to be in that Theta state of being where we are really expansive and feeling and sensing our higher selves. Seeing with the third eye means seeing with inner vision, not literal vision through our “usual” eyes most of the time. Why this is done is because it is really fun, truly a blast, to experience. It also helps us grow spiritually and it helps us access our highest potential selves and to receive guidance. The guidance may benefit us or others. When working with a group, we may each get clues which individually mean nothing yet together can be put together to have meaning. It is like solving an unfolding puzzle. Doing this work helps our own individual meditation practice when we are not with others. This practicing develops telepathy with those we are connected with and with everyone around us. Meeting with others this way, we access parts of ourselves we were not aware of and become more of who we are. It is important to rest in silence together as well as share what is being shown to us in our inner vision or physical sensation or knowing with one another as we are called to and it feels appropriate. At the beginning, one may not experience much but over time and multiple connections so much is possible. And it is a way of getting high, to meditate with others, which increases our frequency greatly.


What happens next varies, and it has to do with a mutual tuning in together, as a unified group or pairing. Source would like to share messages, information, upgrades. Perhaps the purpose is divine council, or planetary service. In the case of divine council, we ask from our heart "How can we serve?" and from this place answers are given as clues. Individuals can set intentions when creating sacred space together. Certain activations may come through, and they are experienced as sensory and also via a vision, like an image that gives us and understanding of what is happening. In receiving these activations, we transmit to the collective and the earth. It changes our DNA structure and upgrades us toward more multidimensionality. In these groups, we feel a deep oneness with each other. We feel oneness with different consciousness that we feel connected to, from star beings to plants to crystals, or angels. We feel our oneness with them, like we are a unified council here on earth receiving energy and communing with another council which we connect to etherically within divine council gatherings. This can be really exciting, and how we expand our authority by voting for positive change simply by showing up. It also feels heart opening and loving. The councils of light are always trying to uplift us and guide us and support us on our human journeys and the greater work which we are called to do, which could be called our divine purpose. In unity, more of our divine purpose is revealed fully. This touches on what "multidimensional connecting" is, and I invite others to share more of what it is like for them and how to do it, and to find others to do it with within this posting.


On the 8-8, we are called to connect with soul groups or pods of others in this way, which is multidimensional meditation. The date is a trigger date. It is encoded with remembrance, and a reminder for those who wish to awaken to do so through hearing about this event or participating. It is a day that the universe supports us in our awakening which benefits us and it benefits the collective with our participation. Groups connecting multidimensionally will bring in templates, keys and codes for the Cities of Light. The basis of these cities is us! It is first evolving humans connecting in meditation to bring forth the reality of the Cities of Light. it helps us to be a vibrational match to what exists and has been seeded etherically so they come into form. Read more about the 8-8 Event here.


Stay tuned on this event page on facebook , or alternatively to Diamond Light Networks.com, or Mt.Shasta City of Light. com, to connect with what the cities of light are, with events and groups related to this date, to what happens after this date such as the Full Blood Moon in late September which is pivotal, and to gatherings and people. Find out more and add your own information and offerings, and expand it all.
Thank you Shivrael Shannon Luminance River