Synchronicity 101 or Should I Say 11:11?

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What is synchronicity?
A dictionary defines it as: the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity as a causal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena.

see synchronicity as al of this, yet so much more! It is something that excites me when it occurs in my world. We can take it as a sign that we are in the flow of the universe. It is like a cosmic wink that we are loved and we are on the right track and in the flow. In the flow refers to going with the direction our higher self is wanting to take us.

What Does it Mean to Connect Multidimensionally?

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I wish to make you aware of an important date coming soon, emphasizing what we may be called to do together. Why is the 8-8 important? August 8th is called the Lion's Gate or the Infinity Portal, connected with the Star Sirius, and also the double numbers of 8 and 8 representing infinity. 2015 is also an eight number if you add up the digits as numerologists do, which means it is the 888 portal to infinity. I am seeing that it connects to a grand orchestration by our universe, and our solar system to beam light onto planet earth in a way that brings keys and codes that help us evolve. The light codes come into the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in Giza, anchoring this light to earth. Light carries codes, which is light in-formation or light information. The Great Central Sun is transmitting, and it is a grander orchestration for life on earth to receive, along with the planet herself.


The Solstice Fires of Ascension: A Message for the Masters

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by April Bender (via Higher Self)

The flood gates are open, an explosion of light dances it's way in, the unified heartbeat of Prime Creator pulses forth.

Anchored pillars of light ignite and blaze forth colossal fires of shimmering crystalline energy, casting aglow all vessels/portals which have been painstakingly prepared. They now stand awash in brilliant crystalline fires of divine truth and divine potential – simply waiting for thy master's blueprint (thought/feeling “impressions”) to give it form, function and purpose.

Living, moving, breathing crystalline codes/glyphs dance upon invisible walls of translucent light within these portals/vessels – sustained they are by its crystalline fire. Invisible to those who see only the material, visible for those with spiritual eyes to see. They are everywhere, every several cubic feet, running from the celestial heavens above, down into the darkest underworlds of earth – illuminating all possibilities, all possible coding/matrix arrangements to the master, so that he/she may select from among these the coding of tomorrow.

Multidimensional Memory and Perception of Time

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Milky Way Lately I have been forgetful and another multidimensional friend is too. Her family says she said stuff and she has no recollection of saying it. it is like she goes somewhere else and does not recall. Why is this, she asked?

Is it part of the ascension process? Or am I losing my mind? We have been exploring why this is. I ran across information from Dr.Suzanne Lie who connects with Pleaidians and Arcturians and brings back information. She speaks of how we have multidimensioonal aspects of self in other places and dimensions. We usually go there in our night bodies while sleeping and wake up with the memory in a dream sometimes. Or we visit in meditation.She says that increasingly, we are bilocating and "going" other places in awake consciousness, even everyday experiences. One woman spoke on the radio show about how this happened to her as she was at a work meeting and remembered, for split second, the feeling of coming back into her body. This would explain the forgetfulness.


When we travel to other places, there is not time there.That is on earth, as a collectively agreed upon construct that is not real. My guides are telling me in meditation that time is a spiral. It goes around on itself. I am not sure what that means right now, though.


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by J’Tariah EnRa El of the Starship Phoenix  
Dedicated to *M* because you know "who you are."

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Time and its Quirkiness-A Reiki Perspective

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Many Light Workers are losing hope over delays on the Ascension process. I smile inwardly when I see people write flaming comments about 'same old same old' and basically, 'where is the BEEF?' concerns, threating 'not to believe until more EVIDENCE shows up'. Yada yada yada.

Let us have a little talk on the concept of Time...

Time is 'stretchy'
Ever hear of the concept of 'flow'? Well my surgeons work in it all the time. Unless they do a procedure often enough to make a factory for it, their time estimates until completion of the surgery are always off. Also their time estimates of 'how long it will take' when they book their procedures.  "You can quick squeeze it in, t's only a fifteen minute case!" they cry.

Right. These people work in flow all the time. Their mind is so engaged with what is happening that they lose track of the passing of time. This happens every day. So I smile, in my head, double their time estimate, and make plans with the rest of the O.R.

Anesthesiologists, on the other hand, are acutely aware of the passing of time. Spend several decades listening to the blip of the heart, and waiting three to five minutes for the blood pressure cuff to measure, and charting it. I have a little clock in my head, and often times, time goes slower for me on those exact same procedures! Sometimes I even select the music with a tempo to 'speed things up' without the surgeon knowing it!

At the Karuna level of Reiki, time starts to warp and the perception of time is altered temporarily as the new energies come in. It settles back to 3D after a couple of days. But in Reiki classes, people often think it's on the wrong day, and miss the class they planned to attend, because of this.

Ground Crew! That Means You! Get On It! <3

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I would rather support the education of children than subsidize Big Oil!" wrote my favorite Latino gay artist anesthesiologist friend, who used to take me to gay bars with him because he knew how much I loved to dance when we were in medical school together,  on Facebook.


For some reason, for me, as a Lightworker, that made me sense a need to draw a line in the sand. Or should I say, a line up in front of one of the spacecraft up in the sky. The three-dimensionality of that statement was stifling and limited, a total function of Duality, that it caught my breath.  This or that? That or this? My way or the Highway?


And so I cracked.


Would you like to know what I wrote back?


Message from Yeshua ~ Be Expansive! ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ 4.3.12

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Many of you are entering a phase where thought patterns are undergoing a shift. There is a shift from ego-based thoughts to heart-based thoughts.  There is a subtle shift in perception in many. It is like trying on a new set of clothes, in a new style. It may feel a little awkward and scratchy at first, but as time goes on, it feels more normal. Wear this new set of clothing, this new set of attitudes, lightly and with grace. You do not need to worry about how it looks. From our perspective, you look magnificent. You are learning how to navigate the switch from linear thinking to multidimensional thought.


With all the changes in your DNA and Light Bodies, nothing is the same, minute to minute. There appears to be no starting point or threshold to base things on anymore. You are flying free, dear ones, and learning to navigate your wings, so to speak. As you leave 3rd dimensional frameworks, the sky is the limit as to what you can create. It will be tempting at times to go back to the old ways of thinking, the old ways of doing things. But try and launch yourselves off from this point and explore the possibilities.


As you spend more time in meditation, allow yourselves to soar into unknown territory. Conjure up new combinations of realities. Mix and match and consider new perspectives in solutions. Expand your brain. Your DNA will go the length with you now. Open up those doors that are being presented to you now and venture to go through them. Be brave. You are all equipped with the blueprints to shatter the parameters of your realities. Meditate on this and take it as a Truth and see where it takes you.


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