What Does Life Hold in Store?

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God said:

Beloved, do you perhaps have a picture of Me in mind as a statue – My head on My hand, deep in thought? In truth, My thinking comes less from thought and more from impulse. Sometimes you also find, in the same way, that a creative idea simply falls to you, yes?

My ideas are inspired. Like you, I love inspiration. I love to see where an idea will take Me. The same as you experience, so is it for Me. A color pops into My head. My hand starts moving the blue crayon that I yearn to draw with at a moment's notice. Who can say why or how? Just is. Voila, you and I have taken a direction. Neither of Us researched it. The direction hops into Our hearts before We know it. Freely, We take off in an instant.

You found the table already set and the colors laid out for you just as you like them to be. What do you exactly have to do anyway? From where does creating begin? To whom do you give thanks?

Ideas are one of the gifts of life that you run off with into far-off lands you had not dreamed of. You never did have yourself pegged, did you? Come to think of it, so much in life seems to simply appear. Life could be a high-roller that prompts you forward. Your name is called, and before you know it, you are somewhere unexpectedly joyous or tremulous. You may appear, unbeknownst to yourself, as the advanced driver appointed for this surprise journey – imagine!

It is as if a hand moved your hand. A dawn rose. You may not know the exact confluence. What matters is that you are on your way. Joy to the world. You started somewhere. A choice was made – who knew? Perhaps in your youth, your hand knew your choice from the outset before you did.

Certainly, not all choices are long and ponderous. A lot of choices are Jiminy-Cricket fast. Choices may be instant – one surprise after another.

You thought one way, and life wasn’t like that. Or you had no idea, and life altogether appeared on its own. What you had been thinking of doesn't light a candle to what flew into your heart as straight as an arrow.

All of life seems to drop into your lap. And, yet, how can it be it be that your whole life realizes itself by chance? How can so many lives and stars dance in such perfect harmony so seemingly randomly and perfectly without a guidance system?

Isn’t this unheard of up to this very moment? Now you’re on your way, although you hardly have any idea of where or when this would be until the moment it strikes. What do you know? You know nothing until the moment life is at hand. You didn’t know you would travel far and wide, or, you did know you wouldn’t travel to speak of and you did travel the world.

Just the same, why should it make such a difference to you what occurs, and yet it does, yet it does.

You always wanted to go to Zanzibar. You always wanted to marry a true love. You always wanted to travel the Seven Seas. You always wanted to live in the country, or you wanted to live in the city. You did, or you didn’t. Either way, at this juncture of life, you may find yourself wondering about life and what to make of it.

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