What Friday’s Lunar Eclipse In Leo Means For Tapping Into Your Greatness

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by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

There will be a Lunar Eclipse in Leo on February 10th/11th (depending on where you are located). It will be visible throughout most of the world except for Australia, New Zealand, and small parts of Asia and Alaska. Its peak will be at 12:33am Universal time, you can click here to find out what that is for your timezone.

This is a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which is when the outer part of the Earth’s shadow dims the light of the Moon. Some penumbral eclipses are barely noticeable, but this one will be more visible than most.

Every six months we enter eclipse season, where we have Solar and Lunar eclipses back-to-back. The next Solar eclipse will be occurring on February 28th in Pisces. Eclipses represent significant changes in our lives which could start up to six weeks before and play out over the following three to six months. In most cases there are noticeable shifts occurring during the month of the eclipses, but not in all cases.

What has come up for you in the last month? Any new beginnings and endings are likely connected to how these eclipses are interacting with your natal chart and will play a role in how these upcoming months work out for you. Collectively we have also just entered a new nine year cycle in numerology and therefore the ‘new beginning’ themes may be stronger than in some of the previous eclipses.

Lunar Eclipse in Leo With North Node in Virgo Getting Closer to Leo

This is the first of a series of eclipses that will be occurring in Leo over the next two years. In mid-spring, the Lunar Nodes will also be moving into the Leo-Aquarius axis and will stay there for 18 months. They are currently in the Virgo-Pisces axis and have been there since fall 2015, with the North Node being in Virgo and the South node (always exactly opposite) in Pisces.

le-embossedThe Nodes of the Moon are the points in the sky where the path of the Sun appears to meet the path of the Moon from our geocentric perspective. Whenever New Moons or Full Moons occur close to the nodes, we have eclipses. The sign that the North Node is in reveals what serves us best in our evolution and where the most growth potential lies. It is basically the universe trying to push us in a certain direction. The South Node, on the other hand, reflects certain imbalanced qualities that we need to change.

As the North Node has been in Virgo, the themes we have been experiencing since fall 2015 could include the need for greater sustainability, self care, organization, and efficiency, as well as an overall improvement in the way we manage our lives and duties.

With the North Node transitioning into Leo, and this eclipse triggering it, we are being called upon to take a step toward actualizing more of our creative expression. Leo at its highest potential is about coming from the heart to create, perform, inspire, lead, and shine in a passionate way. Leo is also associated with children and can be a playful, loving, generous, and romantic energy.

Everyone will experience different variations of this evolutionary pull. Considering that Venus is going retrograde soon, some couples may experience this energy as a shift in how they express love in their relationships. In some cases, adjustments being made in relationships over the coming months could have something to do with changes regarding children.

The Sun will be in Aquarius during this eclipse, which is where the South Node is moving toward. Aquarius has to do with the collective, groups and group intellect, and coming together to create positive change for a better future that can even be revolutionary. However, because it is near the South Node, we need to look at any imbalanced Aquarian traits that are not serving us and are being manifested in a negative way.

When we get too caught up in the way a group or collective community/society thinks and operates, we can lose touch with our own heart’s desire to create and live authentically, to love, do what we enjoy, and shine while doing all of it. Even when we get too caught up in our own heads and mental theories we can disconnect from our divine source of inspiration, which could be a theme for some.

The key here is that we need to identify how and where this is playing out in our lives. Over the next one and a half to two years, we will need to strike a new balance between this polarity of energies.

Lunar Eclipse in a ‘Castle Pattern’

This eclipse is forming what some astrologers refer to as a ‘castle’ or ‘envelope’ pattern. Simply put, this is when five planets (including the Sun and Moon) form eight harmonious angles with each other (trine and sextile) and two challenging aspects (opposition), which ends up looking like a castle or envelope.

lu-ecl-le-2017-chartIn this case, it is the Sun and Moon that are in opposition (as discussed above), as well as Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries, which we have been experiencing since December. Both of these oppositions combined demonstrate potential challenges between being independently bold, unique, and inspired versus factoring in our considerations around different types of relationships that we have.

However, due to the other relatively easy planetary aspects during this eclipse, there is some harmonious energy to help us communicate our individual needs in our relationships and collaborations that we are involved in. Saturn is the only planet that is making just harmonious aspects to all the other planets in this ‘castle’ pattern. It is holding it all together, keeping things reliable, committed, and structured.

Things to Consider During This Period

Now is the time to start looking at how the Leo-Aquarius dynamics are playing out for you. Are you sacrificing the way you can authentically shine at the expense of keeping some sort of status-quo of a group? What is your heart telling you to create? Are your theories, ideas, and intellect serving you or getting in the way of you expressing true joy?

These are some examples of things to reflect on as a result of what is transpiring. However, there can be other things come up related to themes mentioned earlier in the article. The exact time and peak of the eclipse is around 12:33am Universal Time, but it will start two hours beforehand and continue for another two hours following it. Click here to find out when the peak will be in your time zone.

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