What Is One Thing the Quality of Your Life Depends On?

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God said:

Beloved Ones, there is no good time for you to be impatient with anyone.

Your Life -- and everyone’s Life -- depends upon how you present yourself. It is not My desire that you be rough on anyone, not even on yourself.

Truthfulness doesn’t mean that if you are cross, you have to reveal your irritability. You don’t have to make your tension visible. What does anyone on Earth have to know for a fact that you are feeling tense today? Whatever your circumstance, whatever the conditions you find yourself in, be a lady or gentleman walking on an even path.

The least you are on Earth for is to do your part to create harmony in the world at large.

When your tension quotient is at its highest, this is when it is most necessary for you to be resilient. You can do it. At such times, this is exactly when you must ask more of yourself. No snapping at anyone. You must already know this. Never forget it.

Excuse yourself from less than the least you can do, and the least you can do, dear one, is to veer away from being testy and hard to please. It is little enough for you to contribute to ease in others’ lives. Never is it okay for you to disrupt anyone else’s good day.

May everyone reveal his or her good nature. No matter how you may be feeling, you don’t have to let the world know. There are no spiritual laws against your waiting wisely for a better time to bring something up that may take you to the edge. Exercise forethought.

Be responsible for your own good nature. No excuses for your settling to be less than your best when it comes to pleasantness. Be firm with yourself. Say to yourself as if you were in front of a mirror and point your finger at yourself: “No matter what is going on with you, you will be peaceful today and not cranky. Do you hear what I am saying? If you have something important to express, find a better time to discuss it than when you are at the end of your rope. Are you agreed?”

Beloveds, you may be sure that there are no circumstances under which I give you the authority to be out and out cross. Even when you have a headache, be congenial.

Look, you can count on that tonight will not come your way again. There are no dress rehearsals in Life. You have one chance. There is no opportunity that will allow you to try today over again. This is your one chance for this day. Do it right the first time. Make Life compatible.

You are responsible for courtesy in the world. Your deportment in the world teaches the world how to react or how not to react. Somebody sets his clock according to yours. Someone follows you. It has always been so.

If you want to be a hotshot, be a hotshot in kindness and mercy.

Be in good stead of yourself. If someone is impatient with you, you don’t have to be curt. Stay a while. Return another’s impatience with kindness.

There is already enough ill-ease in the world. Be easy. Be all right. Be generous. Make merry. It is high time. There is no time like the present. Besides, all there is anyway is right now.

Fulfill the Kingdom of Heaven right now. No delay. Later is not good enough. The time to bear good fruit is right this moment.

Once upon a time many years ago, you didn’t know better. Now you know better.

Now you greet everyone in My Name. That’s it. No excuses. None.

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