What is your body trying to telling you?

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Our physical vessel is a wonderous and truly intelligent creation! It will always tell us when something needs to be fixed. In other words, it will let us know through dis-ease, and through pain and discomfort when we have dis-harmony or when we are out of balance within the Body Unit. When we experience dis-ease and pain it is best we go to the source of the problem rather than treat the symptom only.

My mother, who is almost 85 and ‘set’ in her ways, suffers from arthritic pain in her joints, and also from osteoporosis. Earlier this week when I called her she told me she is dying from the pain in her right knee and hip, and also her left hand. I told her I would send her Reiki. The next day I called and she told me she is dying from the pain in her right foot. I asked her how her right knee and hip felt, and also her left hand, and she replied, “Oh that is much better!” I told her I would send her more Reiki for her right foot. I decided I would send her some money to buy a homeopathic ointment to help ease the inflammation. Whilst I was sending her Reiki that day I was intuitively guided as to the cause of her discomfort and suffering. My intuition was confirmed when I checked her chakras and found little movement in her root, sacral and heart chakra’s.

The next day I called her again and she said “Why did you send me money? You shouldn’t have!” I replied “Do you know what your body is telling you?” She said “I don’t understand, what do you mean?” I said, “Your skeletal system is your body’s support structure, and you have felt unsupported your entire life.” “Unsupported how?” she asked. I said, “Financially. You have always believed there is never enough money, and this has belief has manifested in your body as pain in your joints through arthritis and loss of bone density through osteoporosis.” I said “And furthermore, your inability to accept abundance manifests as pain within your left hand. I explained that the right hand is your giving hand, and the left, your receiving hand. I told her that even though she has faith that her needs will be met, she has trouble receiving abundance when the universe supplies it. Since she had just complained about me sending her money, she could not deny this fact. She said, “I see what you mean, and I think you are right.” It was interesting to note that when the pain in her right knee and hip had cleared, that it quickly manifested elsewhere, in this case, her foot. This tells me the body will continue to manifest the symptom until the root cause is cleared.

In my mother’s case, the dis-ease was in her sub-conscious mind through the belief that she is not sufficiently supported, and this manifested in her physical vessel. Once she has cleared up this limiting belief stored in her mind, the dis-ease in her physical vessel will clear also. Through the Reiki we were able to open her chakras and clear and balance them, and help her to release this limiting belief.

What is your body telling you? Something to think about…


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