~ Whats Really Happening ON this Planet? You can FIND OUT!

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Greetings Love Beings, Our Wild and Intense energies continue as anticipated. So Much is happening Energetically on the Planet and today we are being supported by a Solar wind Stream stirring up the Magnetic field. WOOO! Over this past weekend we were doing some intense collective clearing to open up the space for more energies to arrive. Indeed we are Moving faster and faster. You can Join us Live today beginning at 10:30am Pacific as We discuss what is really happening on the Planet. You can Join us At this Link: http://tinychat.com/galacticpress


Topics of Discussion:

Recent Divine Mission Success and Family Camping Trip

Rainbow energy Coming IN

First Light City Energies Activated

Financial Collapse being predicted again? our thoughts

Significant August Dates ALL Month!!!! LOL

New Planetary Cycle Codes Arriving what does this Mean?

September Significance Phillip Message

Discuss Montague Keen Message

Many People choosing to Leave the Planet and why

Intense Dreamtime

And So Much More

We will See You There!

PS Feel free to bring any questions or topics you would like us to answer




This a subject that concerns me.

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Why are chemtrails being dumped as though it was the end of the planet.  Have these idiots gone beyond the point of no return.  Here's what I mean.  The chemtrail aerosols, have they depleted the ozone, and now operating in panic mode they are dumping more chemtrails to curtail sunlight from hitting earth?  This would be a catch 22.  They're killing all life on the planet either way, by stopping chemtrail dumping (the result being UV overexposure and by dumping chemtrails they're still cleaning all lifeform.  Should I leave the planet?

A  GFL message once stated

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A  GFL message once stated that we not need to worry about chemtrails anymore...maybe my rainbow energies are detoxing them? I always tend to see the rainbow energies after a heavy day of spraying?


No fear. Eyes to the light :)

My Rainbow Prisms

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The rainbow energies I've seen. I noticed that they have something in common...always a small feathered cloud around them. (Any opinions?)

I am excited to read here that they're referred to as Rainbow Energies :)

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