When Communication Goes: "Splotch!"

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As someone geared towards communicating, I tend to see the world as an embracing Universe interested in sharing and exchanging ideas. I often miss the eventual miscommunication periods of life. They come unsuspecting and they always take me by surprise.

Sometimes I wonder if I can't see the signs clearly on the road of life. Sometimes? Most of the time! I swear I will curtail my strange Facebook curiosity by going less but I'm intrigued. What else are people say8ng? Nothing much more but burn the witches and offer no solutions in general. I'm often on LinkedIn where the conversations are more often of better quality. But even there, a few folks love to argue and read between the lines what they want to see.

Overall, Covid-19 has had a positive effect on people around me. I live in Southern California and "social distancing" is respected. The term is awful and predicts an ugly manipulative agenda. We'll deal with it at some point. People engage more. People want to feel more connected. Despite the Facebook rants and panic bot messages, what I see, hear, and experience here is vastly more positive than negative.

Sometimes miscommunication happens and it's not always the fault of the original communicator. Sure, things can be better explained, but that's part of the back and forth. After the second round of answers, we get the idea and gracefully move on to the next step. But sometimes you got those folks who don't sign their names nor show their face taking personal shots at you. Trolls are an odd manifestation of our society. Unhappy with your life? Take it out on someone in almost complete anonymity.

OK, what's the silver thread here? Oh yes. Confucious says things happen. The rest, we can only take in stride, center back, don't take it personally, and send loving thoughts and vibes to those in need. Simple, no?