When Love Takes Over

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God said:
How big can a heart of love grow? There is no limit. There is no limit on love. Let your heart be a ripe peach, bursting with juice. Or a pomello. Or a luscious watermelon! Let your heart be a giant fruit of love. Feel your heart filling up with love right now. As your heart fills with love, you are rising. Like a balloon, you rise to Heaven. The love in your heart brings you here.

I pump love into your heart. The more love, the lighter your heart, and the higher you rise. Love is self-propelling and self-perpetuating. Love is the sap of the universe. It runs through everything. It runs through you. It nourishes your blood. It oxygenates you.

Anemia can only come from a lack of love, a tightening of love, a contracting of love. And so now you let your love out so your lifestream is enriched. Good red blood comes from love. What do you think vitamins and minerals are but love? What are all blessings but love?

The house that Jack built is love. The anvil is love. Daisies in the field are love. Love is on the lookout for you. Be you on the lookout to see and give love. There is nothing else for you to do. Until the world is overflowing with love and naught else, consciously emanate love. As love fills the Earth, love will not have to be thought of. You will simply breathe it in and out the way trees and plants emanate oxygen for you, and you carbon dioxide for them. No needs will arise because love will have filled all hearts, and love will have precluded need. Love will reign. Love alone will reign.

There will be desires filled the moment they are uttered, filled even before they are uttered. The cry of the world will be Thank you, Thank you. Love will nourish the soil, and vines will grow as you look at them. Yet whose love is this? Where does it come from?

There will only be eyes of love, and vines of love. There will be no imitation of love, only love revealing itself everywhere, revealing itself as the natural effortless energy it is. No effort to it. No resistance to it. Only love flowing much like a revolving door that catches everyone within its portals. There will be no getting out of love, for it will be rampant everywhere. There will be nothing but love circumferencing the Earth, and nothing else within it, so filled with love it will be.

Everything on Earth will be just right for everyone. Hearts will beat as one, and the Truth of Oneness will be known. There will be such a sweet exchange of love that it will overwhelm the stock exchange. What a different energy there will be. Everyone will give everyone else diamonds, for everyone will be engaged in love.

What can remain in the presence of love but love? What can withstand it? What place can there be for anything but love when love is all? Not even a remnant of hard feeling will remain. Everyone and everything will become soft like the soil in spring, and there will be a bounce in every step. Your feet will be off the ground, beloveds. Your heart will be flying high, and your feet will try to reach high as well. You will certainly be on a higher plane than you have been standing on. What can stay the same when love takes over the universe, love unabashed, love simply being what love is, the energy of God?