When Truth Alone Is

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God said:

Beloved, My Beloved, do not honor force. Never do I honor meanness and cruelty and under the guise that they are worthy. Meanness means smallness. Why would goodness and mercy be sought after in the world you live in unless there were cruelty to counteract?

Without force, there would be no insisted-upon abdication from what another person happens to believe.

Another’s Truth would be freely allowed to be his Truth or as long as it feels right to him. No one’s Truth would be besmirched. Everyone would merit all-merciful freedom to see as he sees and embrace the peace from which he wishes to grow regardless of what any other thinks one way or another. I state firmly that I am not in favor of force to any degree in the guise of virtue. Of course, I gave Free Will, and I gave and still give it to all. And what I give is not to be stepped on. Let there be love. Love and freedom go hand in hand. No one is to forbid another to see as he sees.

Of what valor is it to a conqueror to force another into submission from threat of cruelty by death or pain? By what right would anyone exercise such a one-sworded threat over another to avow falsely as to his Truth when it is not?

No matter how strongly a conqueror may believe in what he sees as Truth, he has no divine right to enact capitulation from anyone to adopt the conqueror’s Truth as his own. A conqueror’s Truth doesn’t have to be sacred to anyone else who sees differently. One who gives false testimony with his fingers crossed behind his back is not giving a testament to Truth. Truth is Free Willed.

There is no Beauty in forcing another to tell a lie no matter how fervently he may say it under threat of death or exclusion. This is not Truth-giving by any definition. Freedom is be bestowed upon all. Force comes from weakness.

No one is to assign Truth in My Name. I desire to be chosen freely or not at all.

What a world We share when Truth alone is, and no one is forced into recanting what is true to his own Heart. Let all hearts flap their own wings. Truth is Truth, or it is not. False testament sworn as Truth is false. Faith is not obdurate. Faith sworn to with fingers crossed is not Faith. Faith comes of its own Will gladly or it is a charade.

No one has the right to decree what another is to believe or not believe.

Arrogance and competitiveness arise from a weakness to maintain a front of being high and mighty. Faith is not half-hearted Faith. Let everyone on Earth be free to bow down or not. No Heart belongs to any other. This is not My Way. Let everyone be free to choose as his Heart tells him. Faithless Faith isn’t Faith. In fact, it doesn’t have a leg to stand on. True Faith does not have to be begged for nor stolen nor mandated. In any case, mandated Faith isn’t Faith. Let everyone come to his Faith in God according to his own Heart, for this is how I wish to be received.

Would you expect otherwise from Me? After all, what is the meaning of Room at the Inn? No one is forced in, and no one is kept out.

Love is a gathering of all Souls. All are welcome to My Love by dint of Free Will. There is no other kind of Will in My Orchard. There is no basis upon which legislating Faith can be called sacred. Faith is not counted by numbers. Faith goes far deeper than a vote.

If someone chooses to believe that the world is flat or round or square, on what grounds would I demand fealty? No, I do not interfere, nor, upon My Word, are you to interfere, most assuredly not in My Name. Let us bless Truth in the Highest.

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