That is where your personal power comes from ~ channeled by Ron Head 8 February 2014

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We continue today by speaking further on what, from your point of view is incoming light.

Let us approach the subject from an entirely new perspective this time. We will speak in the language of linear time in order not to introduce additional confusion into the process.

It was known that new and vastly stronger energy, light, and information… those three being almost synonymous… would be needed to lift your world out of the lower energies in which it had been mired for so long. And it was needed that the changes be initiated and carried out as what you call an ‘inside job’ in order to do so without outside interference. So a call went out for volunteers to begin a long slow process of carrying in, receiving, and anchoring what was needed to get the job done. Metaphorically you could think of that as what you call transceivers.

None of this is new, we know. Of course, since it would only appear so due to your not remembering, it is not new anyway. Now the process has resulted in more and more of you being here to facilitate this. And the changes you have made in yourselves have resulted in the ability of you, humankind, being able to handle, to embody, more and more of the light frequencies that were, that are, needed. And the design includes the increase of light as you are able to utilize it.

So here you are in the second month of a pivotal year receiving enough of the light, the energy, the information, the love of Creation to almost literally make your heads spin. Do you not just love it?

May we point out also that all of this is talked about in many other metaphorical terms in order to get across as much of an explanation as possible? And might we also point out that that sort of language is visual, almost dream-like? It is the language used in what you call your right brain. It is the language of your imagination. It is the language of telepathy. It is a language which has been downplayed, derided, and ignored for quite some time. And it is the language, we are at pains to point out, which the vastly major portion of your being uses and exists within. It is the key for which you have been searching, and yet you are trained to ignore it. Individually you may want to reconsider that.

At this time you are immersed in such powerful and vast amounts of this light that major change cannot be impeded much longer. It has, in fact, been in progress for a while, but you are not told much about it as yet. Your best indicator is what is happening in and for yourselves anyway. That is what is most important for you, is it not? And that is easiest begun and carried out by yourselves.

We have been bringing that message to you for some time. The results of what you have done as individuals are now merging with those of others and the effect is to increase the momentum overall. You are magnificent! And still you do not as yet see it.

So let us remedy that. Beginning now, every time you see the situations in your world improving, or showing the potentials to improve, say to yourselves, “We did that.” Because no matter what we say to you about light, energy, or unconditional love, the truth is you did that. And you will do the rest of it too. That is what is meant by co-creation. You change the All by changing yourselves. That is where your personal power comes from. It is the power of the All flowing through you.

We will have more to say on that topic next time.

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