Who Amongst Us Cannot Think Twice?

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God said:

Beloved, no matter which Beloved reads this page, I hold up My heart-rushing love to you. Partake of love.

You can ask anything of Me. You cannot ask too much of Me. Of your individual self and the world, expect not perfection, for you may well ask too much. It is always My desire to open you to greate love, yet never do I wish your ego to rush to the task. You live in a moment of erstwhile time, and I ask you to be accepting of yourself and of others.

If I ask you to write a poem for Me to greet My day today, the idea is simple enough. Play with the idea. Have fun with it. Never will I actually ask you to write the world’s most splendid poem.

Beloved, when your attention goes in the ultimate direction of perfection, that’s when you likely invite ego to star.

Ego demands you to be the fairest of all. Superlative! Unmatched! Exceptional! Ultimate! The best in the litter! In this way, you call disappointment to yourself. Ego often finds itself lacking. You are not lacking, yet ego is a tough cookie. Ego starts you off in an incorrect direction that may well stunt your growth.

Beloved, there used to be a firm fair statement in the world that went like this: “I’m okay. You’re okay.”

It didn’t state: “I’m the Fairest of All which of necessity means that, if I am the Fairest, you can’t be. You can only be fair to middling. Sorry, the best you can be is: 'So-so.’”

Do you remember the true story of a modern-day behaviorist who did an experiment with some teen-agers in what is referred to as a primitive society? The experimenter instructed a group of boys in the woods like this:

“The first one of you who finds the most mushrooms will win a prize!”

The prize turned out to be an accompanying meal fit for a king. As soon as one of the boys won the prize, he served the meal to all his friends. When the behaviorist asked the winner why he did that, the boy answered: “This way, we all are happy.”

Beloved, don’t you feel good just reading this story? Don’t you wish sharing worked like this in the modern world? Surely, the behaviorist learned the most in this study. Bravo to sharing. Hurrah to sharing. How simple, and how great. A new way of thinking? Primitive? Hardly. The way to go? YES!

There was a photo recently taken of a scene in an impoverished country. Wealthy people sat in an outdoor restaurant and ate to their heart’s content while starving children stood by. This is how it was every day in this part of the world. You may well have disapproved.

When the wealthy people finished eating, the hungry children crawled around the earth under the table to pick up with their fingers whatever food may have fallen to the ground. You, from the comfort of your own home, may have been condemning the wealthy for their selfishness.

At the same time, the hungry children may have been blessing the wealthy ones for the scraps they left on the earth that fed the children’s empty stomachs that day.

Before you say to yourself: “How can these adults be so heartless as to eat in front of hungry children?” who then quickly afterward crawl around the ground to gather scraps for their empty stomachs.

Who cannot think twice in this world and see further?

In your wealthy country, good food may be tossed into dumpsters from which later hungry children dive into to eat from. Who amongst Us cannot think twice and see further and change his mind?

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