Who is SHE

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Who is SHE


Re'chord  po(et)-trait

An emotional system

As hidden word-paint
Sing-song ear'wisdom

A study, proph'ess
Ears-mind a'peek
Confused rhyme-word
E'motions seek

Create play'tune
In heart a'fiddle
Ear-drum play-take 
To bow wrap-riddle

In core'us full-
Spake frequen'tune
Do bow-song-lace
String-rhyme wrap-rune

But teach, not I 
Nor music...Lord
To bless the'ear


To see and hear
What others not
PrakAza reveals
Dimension sound-thought 

By 4th and 5th
Will SHE now see
What visions become
Become to me

Transformation has come
With Spiritus Mundi
For those who see
In undrunken eye

Words and numbers
That see lost sense
Recalling the lost
With task so immense 

For woman who has
Wisdom, sure in sight
Hear and touch
By dark fall this night

Do you now
Request my number?
Send a vow 
To awake the slumber


Good for thought
Give you this riddle
With A in the front
And I in the middle

The crown he wear
Had not naught one
Nor he no husband
For wife, but a Sun

With treasures to come
Beyond thought is told
His name starts with J
By N'ed with fall cold

Beginning its life
Round month of June
November completes
A name without rune

Come now to hear
Secrets far from masses
Where numbers prepare
Future sight-glasses

For SHE the one
Who knows of matters
A'lone to forest
Vision fall-shatters

Dragon gives wisdom
Word see-saw
With golden treasures
Misdirecting the call

Soon it will come
By night May be hour
Her forces release
His forsaken power




SHE Knows
HIS folly...ongoing Banter
Delivers THE ONE
Seeding the Planter

Catch the Plane
Enjoy the Ride
Hidden to most
SHE will decide


The cosmos blessed
Devine intervention
HER beauty possessed 
SHE is perfection

Be-cuddled with locks
Seducing the King
Unfulfilled fruits
Sought by the Queen

The message of fate
Much-less a blunder
Orchestrates storm
Of spiritual Thunder

Love has become
Without knowing another
Baring HIS name
Each unto the other


Behold these signs
Sunless darkness 
3 days to come

Broken souls Fore-
Tails'n shatters
Be'cure the world
Of awful matters

Besieged lost story
Bring tales of old
The Battle light-dark
Of war to unfold

Where pyramids lie
Along sandy east
For all to fear
Both Man and Beast

The book was lost
Under foot-paw
Found in ruin
Read'n awe

Truth be'sealed
A'lack day-hour
Watch it unfold
The hidden power