The Whole Truth

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Life can be terrifying. You are so identified with your body. Here you go out into the world every day, and you have no armor. Anything could happen. You go out to face danger every day. Even your home isn’t a safe place when you put your mind to it. No place is safe. The sky can be falling. A germ could get you. What a long list of possibilities, no matter how remote, you carry as worry beads. What’s the point to worrying then?

Life is unpredictable. If you can’t predict your life to the minute, then you might as well relax. Worrying isn’t a preventive. Worry isn’t a chant that protects you. It makes your skin dry and gives you wrinkles. There are other possibilities to have your mind on.

So many possibilities are before you. Why limit yourself to the fearful possibilities? Why would you do that?

Have your good fortune in mind. It would indeed be good fortune if you would let go of worry. You may say it’s impossible for you to give up worry because of the realities of life on Earth. Doom in one form or another is what you see as the reality of life. Perhaps you see good fortune as an accident.

Blessings are also part of the realities of life. You don’t know what good fortune is waiting for you around the corner.

You could save a child’s life. You could receive unlimited money.

You don’t have to make good fortune happen. Be bright-eyed and allow all goodness and mercy to befall you. You deserve. You deserve as much as anyone. It is your birthright. What would you like to have happen? Have this in mind. How contagious your thinking is. Go ahead and visualize your good fortune. Become familiar with it. Cognize it. Manifest it. Enjoy the thought of it. Allow your merciful thoughts to rise to the surface.

I have told you that nothing bad can happen to you, and you lift your eyebrow. You are convinced that bad can happen to you around any corner. Of course, this is the world view. I tell you that nothing ill can befall you, and you foresee a million untoward things that can and might or definitely will. Beloveds, you don’t have My vision. You have a collection of fears. Undo your fears instead. Do not feed them. Let them disappear from life in the world.

You can’t believe I can say with a straight face that nothing bad can happen to you. Oh, yes, you have experienced nightmares too terrifying to think of. You do think of them.

I tell you that you come out fine in the wash. Heaven is your Home. You will be where you have never left. Your worst nightmares are only dreams reversed. Dream better dreams then. Excuse yourself from worrying about unlimited trouble.

Aggravated instituted fear is one of the worst nightmares you have. You have it a thousand times. I tell you that whatever happens in your life, regardless of your opinion about it, you are ahead. No matter how much you don’t want it, you are ahead. You say that if you are cut, you bleed.

And so you perhaps go out into the world as if to prove that fear is based on Truth. On certain dimensions, this may well be true. Your interpretation according to your consciousness tells the story. Your interpretation may or may not be Truth. Truth doesn’t change. Its interpretations change. Accordingly, life is slippery. In Truth, life is a landing place and, also, life is a place you take off from.

Illusion and Truth have been confused on Earth. None of the physical is Eternal, yet Eternity is absolutely true. You started off on the wrong foot, beloveds. Relative life is not true no matter how seeming-true it may be. Heaven is Truth and the Whole Truth.