The Wholeness of the Tree

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What I love is you. This is to say that I love Myself. How could I not love Myself? I created you. I created the dear animals. It was easy to create you.

What about the foliage I created? Mountains and valleys. Dust bunnies. There is room on Earth for everyone and everything. I did not measure or record. I created the love of My life. There is not one inch of the Earth that I do not love. Deserts and wetlands. Forests and jungles. I put everyone and everything in the right place according to their requirements.

I don’t know that I thought of weather, yet how could a world be without clime and such?

Remember, I did not have to think creation through. I did not have to puzzle it out. All I had to do was to desire, and you appeared, My beloved. All are My beloved. That’s how it is. I desired you, and you appeared. And there is the world with everything in it and enough for all. I don’t have to call by name what I desire.

All of Creation popped up based on My desire for it.

Desires are powerful. You, too, will come to know that you don’t have to run after anything. Desire, and trust your desire will be fulfilled. It does not have to be, yet you trust that all you need will come to you. I do not mean idle wishes. I mean desires. Yet this could include idle wishes as well, why not?

You may not have desired rain, yet rain comes to you to give you water to drink.

You don’t have to rush after what you desire. You don’t have to be hunter of fulfillment of desires, yet it behooves you to take initiative. It behooves you to desire for seeming others. Consider that all My children are one tree. The tree wants every branch to thrive, each blossom to bloom, each fruit to flourish. There is interdependence. A tree’s roots go deep so that the furthermost leaf has all it might need. And every leaf desires the Wholeness of the Tree.

All of life is cycle and recycle. All of life is energy. All of life is made of invisible atoms. Atoms are. They are not owned. Who owns them?

And now I ask each of My children to create peace. Don’t blame elected world leaders for war and dissension. In truth, elected officials are representing you. When your vision expands, their vision will expand as well. This Heavenletter is about connections. No one is unconnected to another.

You say Tut Tut regarding world leaders and how they blame what are called other countries and may make unkind petty remarks while you scald others with your words. Talk is cheap, yet talk is powerful. Bless what you call the other side, for the so-called other side is no other than you as well.

I created the Earth. I did not create other countries. I did not make maps. I made rivers and lakes and oceans, and I suppose you can say they have borders to contain them, but that’s it. I did not create the borders you uphold for dear life, as if the ground under your feet belongs to you. As if the sky belongs to you. The sky does belong to you. It also belongs to everyone.

To the best of My knowledge, no one yet has said the sky belongs to him per se, yet there may be aircraft that are not allowed to fly here or there in the name of defense. Let offensives dissolve, and who will need to defend? What will have to be protected where all share for the benefit of all?