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God said:

Everyone’s life is story. Everyone born on Earth has physical characteristics. Everyone is a character, and everyone has a personality, and everyone is an actor in a play, a very convincing play. As you play your part, you take it seriously. You really get into the part you play. Your acting ability is great. You fool everyone. You believe the edges of your story, and so does everyone else. This is called True Life when it is nothing of the kind. It is a picture of life, a photo taken through a special lens. Within this photo, lies quite a different image, often unacknowledged.
The point I would like to make today, as much as you believe in daily life, it is unbelievable. Somewhere within you, you know very well this perceived life is not real. It is not real to you, and yet you give great service to it. You play the part you play very well, and you take it seriously. You take as fact that which is, indeed, a mirage.
A mirage of water in a desert does not give you water to drink. It is not your sustenance, nor does your bounded life on Earth give you sustenance. Oh, yes, it feeds the body. It fills the bill for activity, yet Truth it is not. There is a world within a world.
Just as a great novel or poem can be read on different levels, so can the novel of your life be read on different levels. You, the portrayer of events, get caught up in the actions. You become entrenched in them as it were. You are sure your actions and all the events are indisputable. This is one level of life. It is external and limited while you, you are unlimited. You are certified unlimited.
We can see that your vision is microscopic rather than telescopic. So far as you can see, you are living a part, and I tell you that you are living an illusory part as an actor on a stage. You believe this part you play is the substance of you. The stage you play on is an interlude. It cannot be held onto. Attached to the role you play, you hold on to the role for dear life, and it is as serious to you as serious can be.
In truth, you are as much an observer of your life as an actor in it. You go through motions, and call the motions your existence. I keep telling you that you are Being. You are Stillness even within your role in the theater of life. This role you play is erasable. At some point, the fiction is done, and you are no longer the actor who portrays a person on Earth. You became attached to a role and think that this role is the extent of you. For a while, you are a squatter. You live in a body that is not yours and really has nothing to do with you, for you are Vastness, and not limited to the part you play.
The part you play can be marvelous and beautiful, and, still, you are greater than the part you play.
It is not essential that you take the part you play and the events that occur as seriously as you do. You have been holding on to the actions and events as if for dear life. You are immersed in the story called Life on Earth, and, yet, ultimately, you hold onto nothing, beloveds, and you let go of your grasp of it. All the tension no longer holds you. Let go of the tension now. No need to be so tense about illusion. A story unfolds, and, yet, you are not the story. You exist on another plane. This Life on Earth is not the end-all and be-all. Let go of the seriousness of it and release the tension. You don’t have to be uptight now as if you are holding onto a life line. You are an expression of the Unseen. You are an expression of love on Earth.