Would You Decide that a Daffodil Makes a Better Dandelion?

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God said:

There is no such thing as in the nick of time, regardless of how you view the world, and all things considered. Nothing is too soon or too late. All is what is when it is. This is one way to look at Life. Life doesn’t require the shedding of tears.

Lean toward the idea that everything is okay. This one switch alone will smooth out your Life. Why not smooth out your Life?

No Life on Earth is wasted no matter what the world makes of it. What if the idea of “less than desirable” is a mistaken idea. Because this seems so to anyone or everyone doesn’t mean you have to go along with it. The world is still up and running. Let go of all the assigned barriers to your Lives, Beloveds. You are just right as you are.

Consider, just consider that everything is just right. You are just right. And everyone is the Fairest of All.

Even if you have faulted yourself or been faulted all your Life, sit back and relax today. Belabor yourself no longer.

Rely less on circumstances, Beloveds. In My eyes, you are Golden. What if I am right, and you are mistaken. In fact, you can bet I am right, and that you are mistaken.

Where did this idea of the Ultimate Perfection come from that you believe you are to attain? Who set this idea in motion? Not I? If I didn’t, who did? If you see yourself as ultimately misbegotten, then you are indeed mistaken.

Be Kinder to others, and be kinder to yourself. May the two go hand in hand as One Heart.

If I can welcome you, can you not also welcome yourself, and welcome yourself again and again? What is all this lukewarm welcome about?

Every day doesn’t have to be a test of your self- acceptance. Beloveds, what benefit is there for you to pin your God-given Life on discontent and displeasure. I made you. I am an Artist. Look at the Beauty of Nature that surrounds you. Are you really going to tell Me differently? Be My Guest, be easy to please.

Take a look at the common dandelion. Does she not wear a beautiful Yellow? And is not every petal sensational? I mean, c’mon!

Tell Me, how would you improve on what God hath wrought? Would you decide that a daffodil makes a better dandelion? A golden iris is also incredibly beautiful, no doubt, yet, nevertheless, there is nothing else in the world like a dandelion. I am convinced that there is Beauty everywhere. Don’t miss out on any of it. Keep your Heart and eyes open. Open wide.

This is my heartfelt request to you. If you have been compressing yourself, breathe now. See Beauty everywhere. Beloveds, what drop of rain is not beautiful and does not hold a treasure, what design of snow, what face on Earth, young or old, is not poignant?

No one has to be like anyone else nor must anyone be vastly different. Here’s the thing. Everyone left to his own devices is beautiful. You are beautiful. Don’t tell Me differently.

Give up, foolish ones. Concede. End the argument right now. Lean against a tree. Let’s have a tete a tete by the side road, and I will show you of what Magnificence you are made. We can start with any letter of the Alphabet.

If every dandelion is filled to the brim with Beauty, what gives you the idea that any Human Being would trail behind? Wake up, Beloveds. There is no Beauty missing under the Sun. Ah, there are eyes that do not see. Now, do as I say, and you will see Beauty hanging from the rafters. Dear Ones of My Heart, We are just beginning.

What cannot the two of Us Who are One not accomplish under the Sun or even at Sundown.

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