YES to all explorations down rabbit holes and YES to the film “NO”!

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By: Ann Kreilkamp, 01/16/2014


Jean Haines has been promising a blockbuster post for a number of days now, and she delivered — to some extent. (Where is the mention of Eisenhower meeting with ETs? for example.) “Down the Rabbit Hole” connects lots of dots, most of which is not new to me or others who think in terms of patterns of understanding, but all of which, taken together, shine light in the darkest corners of the ET-technology- infected shadow government that runs us, and wants to run us into the ground, so to speak — and little does it know, but that’s where many of us feel most comfortable, on the ground, in communion with Mother Earth, as her antennae and stewards, helping to regenerate this 3D world by re-infusing spirit into matter.


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