Yes, You are Meant for Love

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God said:

Beloved, love has your name on it right here up front.

Send out the love identified as yours near and far. Toss out love from your heart like fairy dust into the hearts of all. World-made restrictions in the world may or may not be true. What is common sense to one may be folly to another. Life in the world is made of change. Not all change is growth. Not all caution is wise. Not all that the world honors must you also honor. You are free to think for yourself as well.

You cannot stow love out of sight. Love clings to you. Love is only a hop, skip, and a jump away from you. You are at the mercy of love. Love reaches you in the blink of an eye. You yourself are at the mercy of love.

Give love a good send-off.

Value your thoughts as well as others'.

I hear you say:

“Oh, God, how happy can I be in the midst of a day as I am when I am so full of love in my heart?"

Beloved, I say to you loud and clear:

No one is obliged to send love back to you personally. There is no keeping score. Love is sustainable. You are not to be the comptroller of any other's perceived love. Your own love isn't all under your jurisdiction either.

Beloved, you are not here on Earth to sulk about love lost. You don’t have to worry about love. You are an eternal provider of love. At work or at play, you have more love to give. Be so busy giving love that you are lost in the love you give. One way or another, love will flow back to you of its own accord. You will be lifted up and disbursed to all four corners of the world.

Do you see how love echoes?

Beloved, you are full of love and no longer full of nonsense. Everyone is to follow his or her own heart.

You say you want to be happy. Are you so foolish as to hold fast your love and any other's? Love is to alight as it does. You cannot lock love into another's heart. All love has to be of its own will.

Now you are to transcend ignorance. You are to focus on love and growing and letting your love and all other's love free to itself.

Unhappiness is you with your eyes closed. Open your eyes wide and keep them open so you may see the dawn before you.

If your will must supersede your loved one's will, your dear tender love may have gone off track.

Remind yourself that Oneness is a far cry from loneliness. Oneness is filled with brotherhood, do you see?

Look up at all the stars in the sky. Out there in the night sky or in here in Oneness, the concept of loneliness can only be a misunderstanding of one kind or another.

You deserve the whole world. At the same time, the whole world is not yours to demand. Everyone chooses where to point his love. No one else's love is your quarry. No one steers another's love. You are not able to direct the love in your own heart – let alone in another's. Let love lie where it lies.

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