You Are God's Love

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God said:

Think of where your attention has been — on the dribs and drabs of life — when all the time your attention could have been on Our togetherness, Our waymaking, Our beauty, Our gifts, Our intelligence.

Your attention has been on little typos of life, omissions, repetitions, and unhappy possibilities.

Now swing your attention to the possibilities of wondrousness. Swing your attention to one possibility, the possibility that We are One, and that together We are greatness in the making. What are you if not in the making?

You who are complete have not completed your awareness. That is all that needs to be completed. And that is a neverending completeness. There is always another hem to sew further on.

Sometimes you feel that life has slipped past you, but it is more like you have slipped by it. You yearn to skip past it. You have yearned for something else beyond what you have. Life is right now before you. This is it. This is what it is. This impulse of Our being together.

You think it is a moment of Our being together, but it is an impulse on that perpetuating screen. It is a momentless moment. We are Our hearts beating. Life is an impulse you feel, and often you have tried to submerge these impulses, for you have, understandably, wanted to play it safe.

Play it no way at all. Be it. Be Mine.

Today We enter life together. We do not go on stage. We go behind the scenes. We are not so concerned with what is on stage because, whatever it is, it is nothing compared to the real show.

Take My hand now and come with Me. I want to show you Truth. Come, enter the universe of understanding with Me. Enter the sunlight on a curve of a leaf. That sun-laden leaf knows the whole story. It is ever ready for the sun to shine on it. When the sun moves to another leaf or another tree, the leaf knows that it is taken along with the sun, and that it too shines on near and far.

Life is that play of light on light.

You are that which you have been searching for.

You are that faraway light on the horizon for which you have yearned.

You have sought yourself far away when, all the time, there is an horizon of you. You are the horizon. You are an entering point of eternity. You are the door. You are the open door. Stay open.

You are the door, the opener of the door, and the one you usher through the door you hold open. All the players are you. You are the entire cast. And it is you who casts light over the whole play of light on light.

Let your light be seen.

Open the lighted door of your heart so that other hearts may enter there. You are the threshold. You are on the threshold, and you are the threshold.

You are also the hearth.

There is no ceiling on your heart.

Listen to the beat of My heart in yours.

Listen to the music We make as We swirl across the universe and enter into everythingness.

You are My every thought.

You are My love awash on an ocean of tideless waves.

You are the light leaping on the fish leaping on the leaping waves, and all fathom the sun that fathoms all.

You are the water and the light and the earth that cups the water, for all is light, My light, and nothing but My light. So be it.