You Are The Ocean that Makes the Waves,

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HEAVEN #3774

You Are the Ocean That Makes the Waves ,

March 26, 2011

God said:

When life doesn't seem right to you, then make yourself right with life. Life is not a mistake. It cannot be a mistake. The playing out of life may seem like a grievous error to you, but life, funny mix that it is, knows its way. Life does not fly blind. Life knows what it's doing. Someone probably you -- ordered scrambled eggs, or someone didn't, yet you find that scrambled eggs are being served to you. They were brought directly to you and put in front of you. They are for you to eat. Requested or not, the eggs are yours. Eggs came to you.

You can protest all you like. Nevertheless, life has taken its stand. Somewhere, somehow, knowingly or unknowingly, you ordered those eggs. In any case, they are yours now.

Life is not always under your jurisdiction, and yet

Perhaps life is a quilt you made long ago, and you simply have forgotten that you stitched it. But, no matter. It doesn't matter how or why or when. The stitches are sewn, and you hold this seeming patchworked quilt in your hand. Of course, this is relative life I am talking about. It may well seem accidental, even purposeless. Nevertheless, you know what a strong force life is in the world. Even though the quilt was made a stitch at a time, it is vast, this quilt of life.

It certainly feels like the waves bounce you around. Nevertheless, you hear tell that you are the Ocean, and you are making the waves. The waves may hit you in the face, or knock you over, or be the most wonderful waves you ever dreamed of. Regardless, they wash over you. You understand, there is no disaster. Life unfolds as it unfolds, and, to your mind, worst of all, it is temporary, or, best of all, it is temporary depending upon your inclination or disinclination.

From your perception, life is unfair, and, yet, life can only be what it is. The eggs are yours, and you swallow them.

In one way, I am telling you to come to grips with life. In another way, I am telling you to lope over life. Even when you think life has a finality, it keeps going. You, who are alive, are alive. There are no dead ends. There are no catastrophes. Even when catastrophe seems to be looking you straight in the eye, it does not exist. Life is vast, and you cannot really measure it. Life is immeasurable. How can you figure out something that, the minute it arrives, it is already moving away? The skyline does not stay the same. It keeps changing. Sometimes you feel that life is a joke played on you, or that you are the joker. Beloveds, you are a player in a field that often feels muddied. The mud will dry, and you will dust yourself off.

Sometimes you decry that life doesn't pause to take a breath, and sometimes you are glad that life roves and doesn’t stay the same. You want this, and you want that in the same breath.

Sooner or later, you come to the realization that life as it is in the world is not for you to figure out. It is not your puzzle. Life is yours, yet not your puzzle. Glance at it. Skim the surface because the surface is only surface. The surface is more like the fake poker game that is played in the front room. The high stakes are played in the back room. The real stakes are played in the back room. In the back room, everyone has money to spare. In the back room, everyone wins. In the back room, everyone starts over and wins.

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