Gods name whirling in your heart

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Say My Name day and night. Instead of all the thoughts that whirl through your head, whirl My Name around in your mind and your heart and into your day-to-day-life.

Is there something hard about that? Try saying a three-letter word.

When you wake up in the morning, say, “Good morning, God,” or just say, “Hi, God,” or just say, “God.” I am quite comfortable at the tip of your tongue. I am in your very cells. Why not on the tip of your tongue?

Consider Me your good luck piece. What do you need with a lucky coin or a prestigious fortune cookie when you can have Me in your awareness at any moment you choose? Hallow-ed be My Name.

Heavenletter #4581 - Why You Are Alive on Earth

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Heaven Letters Published on: June 10, 2013

God said:

What is the worth of anything without love, beloveds? What is the worth of life without love? That which is of the utmost meaning is love. Consider love the salt of life. Love itself IS life, beloveds. When anyone forswears love, he has forsworn life.

The love We speak of here is not accolades of love to or from you. It is the love from your heart that We speak of. We are speaking of the heart of you. The heart of something means the meaning of something. That you are alive means you have been chosen to give love. I chose you. Of all the possibilities, I chose you and you and you. The point is that you are you. Regardless of whatever else may lurk in your heart, your heart is meant for love and love alone. The meaning of you is love.

You may ask: “What am I alive for on Earth?”

With New Eyes,

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HEAVEN #3770
With New Eyes,
 March 22, 2011
God said:
When you think about it, what is anything? What is the worth of a piece of paper with a money amount and your name on it? It is worth to you the number put on it, and yet it is only a piece of paper. Everything and anything is worth to you the price you set on it. This applies to checks, items, furniture, and people.
You're pretty good at estimating the worth of items. When it comes to people, you often fall short. How many people have you dismissed for no reason at all. You tossed their merit aside for an assumed reason, perhaps for the looks of the coat they wore. In your estimation, you somehow devalued people that, if you had seen through whatever blocked you, you might have found inestimable.
Don't dismiss anyone so that you are not dismissed, for when you dismiss someone, you dismiss yourself.
There is no one who is irrelevant. Everyone is relevant. If someone comes before you or is even seen out of the corner of your eye, he or she came before you. Everyone comes for a reason. You don't have to know the reason. You just have to acknowledge their presence. They may be tarnished like good silver. You are meant to see beneath outer appearances.

What Possession Is There in Heaven,

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HEAVEN #3769
 What Possession Is There in Heaven,
 March 21, 2011
God said:
Are you to reflect the world, or is the world to reflect you?
Do your cupboards reveal the state of the world?
Orderliness is not everything by a long shot, yet orderliness is something. It could be a place to start.
If you would like to surpass world order as it exists now, then begin by straightening out your own cupboards.
Your life is certainly more than the physical, yet there is nothing wrong in making the physical compatible with ease and simplicity. Where else would you begin? Start and finish today. If you open your cupboards, and things fall out, you are overdue.
If there are things in your path to trip over, move them now. Clear your way. Make your path smooth. There is more to this than metaphor.
Start with a clear slate.

The Sunlight Is So Bright,

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HEAVEN #3768
The Sunlight Is So Bright ,
March 20, 2011
God said:
There comes a time in life when you recognize all that you are and all that you are capable of. At the same time as you soar, your feet touch ground, and you no longer see yourself holding the importance that you once had. You are stronger than ever, and yet you don't exist. You are a cipher. You don't know where you are or that you even are. In the act of discovering yourself, you discover you have flown the coop. You have flown away somewhere you know not where. You never existed. You were mistaken. You only thought you existed.
The realization that you are not can be disconcerting. You thought you were going to become exalted, and you find you have disappeared. This great enlightening has been a world reality check. Why, you are nothing at all. There is nothing left of you. You are invisible to yourself. You cannot locate yourself anywhere.
Then it must be that you are everywhere. How can you be everywhere and nowhere at the same time? How can you be nothing and everything at the same time?
The sunlight is so bright you cannot be seen. The sun is in your eyes.

What You Seek More Than Answers

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HEAVEN #3767
 What You Seek More Than Answers,
 March 19, 2011
God said:
There is the persistent idea in the world that you have to understand. Trying to understand, you spin your wheels. You take up unnecessary time with questioning. Seek further knowledge of what interests you. There may be a reason. At the same time, you don't have to understand the workings of a motor in order to drive a car.
Where did you get the idea that you have to understand everything? Trying to make sense of everything makes no sense at all. Then striving to understand becomes a stumbling block.
Is it not true that you would like to understand everything? Big or little, it doesn't matter, you crave to understand. Why do I have this freckle on my nose? Why did my girlfriend leave me? How could she? Why didn't the sun come out today? How did life come to be? And what am I doing here? What is it all about?
Sometimes you ask so many questions, and you leave yourself up in the air.
You don't really need so many questions. Nor do you need the answers.


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