You Are One of the Wonders of the World - Heavenletters

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God said:

What wonders are in store for you today? Are you ready for them? Will you catch them with open arms? Certainly, you don’t want wonders to slip past you. Be open to wonders so you can catch them. See wondrousness on its way to you. There is not one soul in the world who will not receive a blessing today. This is across the board. No matter how bleak life may seem, no matter how frustrating, there is a blessing on its way to you. You have been earmarked for something wonderful today. It was sent to you long ago, and today it is going to be delivered. Just the same, you don’t just sit and wait for it.
A travel agent doesn’t generally knock at your door. As you walk down the street, you keep your heart and eyes open, and you come across a travel agency. This is how you get in touch with wonders.
Yes, sometimes wonders come disguised. Sometimes wonders come in full regalia. What you can be assured of is that wonders come, and they come to you, or you find them, and you carry them home with you.
You yourself are a wonder. You don’t have to make wonders happen. They happen. They happen of themselves. Nevertheless, it is you who has to bang the gong. It is you who has somehow beckoned something wondrous to you. From the beginning, you were made for wonders. You are made for life, and life itself is a wonder, wonder on wonder. You are made for wonder. Wonders are common occurrences. You are in the midst of wonders. You cannot hide from them, yet you can attract them by the magnets of your thoughts and a leap in your heart.
Come now, isn’t water a wonder? Who could have thought of water? Of trees and leaves? Of fruit on a vine? Who could have thought of all the creatures in the sea or on land and in the air? Who could have thought of weather, fair weather, sunny weather, stormy weather? Who could have thought of skin and pores and perfect combinations of everything in the world? Who could have thought of you, the unique combination of you? Who could have dreamed of babies? Who could have dreamed of teenagers and everything everyone dreams of?
Who could have dreamed of big and little and all the combinations of opposites?
Everything that seems ordinary and everyday to you is a vast wonder. Seven wonders of the world, indeed. They are just the beginning.
What is a name that everything on Earth falls under? Adventure, beloveds! Adventure. You are on the adventure of a life-time. You are served many experiences, and you grab others, and life falls where it falls, and, yet, you are someone who rises. You have risen to more than an occasion. You have risen.
You are a star that comes out at night, and you are soft breezes and rays of the sun during the day.
You are a master of costume, yet under every possible costume and condition, you are love brought to Earth. You are God’s love. You are God’s Beloved. You are Mine. There are no exceptions.
Everyone is on an adventure, and every adventure is unique and precious.
You know what? You cannot sit out life. There are no wallflowers in life. Life invites everyone to dance. And so you dance with life whenever and wherever you may be or think you are. You hear the music of life even in the distance. You are called.  
When you think and accept that you are ravaged, you are ravaged. When you think and accept that you are blessed, you are blessed. You can only be blessed regardless of the costume life dons and regardless of the costume you don. You are irrevocably someone whom I, God, created, and I created you to bless and to be uniquely blessed by All That Is.