You Are a Rose Opening before Your Very Eyes

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God said:

Beloved, you pledge your troth to Me. This came about long ago. You are destined and cannot depart from when We first began. Horses cannot pull you away. How fully We are united as One. This is a great situation to find yourself in. You are exactly where you want to be.

Not at all are you confined. You are expanded. This is to say you follow the deepest heart of yourself, which is to say you follow your deepest Self which is I, God. You are helpless when you begin to recognize Who you are, really are, without effort, only joy. How lucky Oneness is without digression or departure. You are naturally attuned. You have a remarkable GPS system. You don't have to turn it on. It is on. What a great system sits at your beck and call. You are blessed. Where you are is where you want to be, and you are purely in tempo with Me.

I say you are a rose blooming. This is who you are with all your heart. This is Who you are. You have the freedom of choice, yet you have no choice. This is a great freedom, however, in that you have been chosen. You have no choice but to stay. You are on your mark.

This is another way to say I choose you to be by My side forevermore. You are caught up exactly where you want to be. We can say that I, God, make a bull's eye. Now you know the happiness you are made of and cannot depart from.

Another way to say this is that you have one choice, and this one choice is to be in service to Me, God, which happens to be just where you want to be and exactly where you ARE. You give yourself over to Green Pastures.

You have a non-refundable billion dollars in your special account. It cannot be withdrawn. You are the incontestable rose servant of God. You made your choice. You know good fortune when you see it. Nothing can divert you, for you are integral to My Will, which means you are free to serve Me in the Highest. This is where you want to be. You are in My Service. You don't want to be anywhere else. You are bound and sealed.

You have been wanting to serve. This is your calling. There is nowhere else for you to be. You have the greatest career in the world. Your work is the most sought after in the whole wide world, and you have hit the jackpot. There is no contest for you. You landed right in My heart, and here you are free to stay, you, the most beautiful nightingale of all. This has been your heart's desire before you knew how to name your desire. We can call your desire My desire.

You claim My heart as your very own. I jump for joy to grant My heart to you as your very own. You claim well. I grant well. Here We are! The Universe smiles. The Herald Angels sing. Life is good. What more is there to say?

I chose you. You chose the Oneness of Me. We have declared Our confidence. All is well and ever will be. Our One Fate found itself together through Grace, yet there is greater and higher still for Oneness to be called on as easily as a shiny red apple falls from the tree.

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