You Come Shining Through

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God said:

Beloved, it’s perfectly okay to let go of the reins. There is no need to hold on tight. With or without your preoccupation on how life is going to turn out, life is going to turn out.

Your focus on your life is beyond what happens. You don’t altogether rule the roost. Furthermore, you don’t always have it down pat what is good and/or what is the matter. All of life isn’t your call, and when it may be your call, how would you know what is the right call? You can’t always call the shots. Even if you can, how do you know for sure what call is the most propitious to make? You simply don’t always know what hits the spot.

You don’t always know what one answer may mean or not mean. Someone wonderful may occur, yet you didn’t see the downside coming along. All of life that slips through may not be cracked up to be what you thought it to be.

This means not to worry. By and large, life is not always exactly as proposed to be.

This isn’t to lead to insecurity but to more confidence. Life is going to be okay and often better than you think. This is the way of the world. You might as well let go of life’s shackles. Free yourself from what you stack up as what has to be. What you see as a bargain isn’t always what you were sure it would be. When life conks out on you, count yourself lucky regardless. In any case, life turns out as it does with or without your say.

Life isn’t obligated to turn out this way or that way. What you do know for sure is that life will reveal itself. You are not always the head director.

You can always bless life as it is.

Life doesn’t have to win the Hit Parade. You don’t always have to win the prize of your choice. Regardless, you come shining through.

Life is authorized to take you unawares. You don’t have to fight life or resurrect it. You don’t need anything. Get used to the idea that you are only required to shake hands with life. You may be certain you require a specificity to occur, for life isn’t obliged. Life is a discovery you make. You think you need something to follow through the way you think. One way or another, life is a bonus. Yes, sure, you may be convinced life was to turn out one way or another, and yet life blesses you another way.

One thing for sure is that life will turn out. Life is really not a contest. Nevertheless, you win the life you do. You win a life, and one you share with others and one is yours to be grateful for. You were granted a life. You are never without one, no sirree. You will travel uptown and downtown and all around the block. You will have had an adventure, perhaps beyond your understanding, yet an adventure, nevertheless, before you take your leave of Planet Earth.

However your life turns out, consider that it absolutely betokens a serenade meant for you, and you pull it together, God be praised. You win the prize meant for you. Pick out the pearls and say:

“Thank You, God, for this prizewinner. May I put my arms around You and thank You for Your Grace. Now I see that my life was just on time and filled to the brim with blessings and gems meant royally for me in Your Honor. Hey, thanks, God, for a sumptuous feast. I’m ready to thank You, God, just as I am, and to see what comes next.”

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