~Your Big Re-think has already begun~

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 At 9:00 a.m. EST,  the Cosmic Messenger took a deep dive beneath the surface of your life.  Wherever 3 degrees of Pisces is found in your birth chart, is where Mercury has entered the invisible realm of healing and creation, within you and around you.  Whether it's the way you communicate, your work,  your love life,  your dreams dreaming, money -- Mercury's got a hand in it.  When the Messenger goes retrograde, it's a very big deal!

Mercury took his dive just one degree away from Neptune. As he turns his back on the surface, he's hearing the song of the Cosmic Heart.  He's feeling the connections between everything that lives and sensing the pools of creative possibility in every moment. 

Mercury comes as close as he can to Neptune without entering the same degree and creating the seed of a new beginning with Neptune.  That won't happen until March 22, the day after the Vernal Equinox.  There's something you need before that can happen, and the Messenger is looking for it. 

He's looking for what it is that you need to remember and re-connect with before you can really tap the power of all possibility.  Wherever the first three degrees of Pisces, and the last 12 degrees of Aquarius, are located in your birth chart is where he's going to find it.  This is a big, whole-brain re-think.

Retrogrades get a bad rap.  In truth, they are infused with magic. Flooding the inner realms with energy, they dial down your over-focused left brain.  You can process reality at another level entirely -- the creative level -- during a retrograde.. 

Last week, Venus finished re-assessing what you love -- and how, and why.  Now Mercury re-thinks the vision that underlies the way you see reality  -- your trust in Life and the Universe, and your relationship with the unique spark of divine fire that burns in your heart.  Reality is re-shaping itself this month -- and inviting you to join the conversation taking place far beneath the surface of your life.  Here's what to remember:


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1. Slow down.   Everything moves more slowly when Mercury is retrograde, and trying to rush things greatly increases the potential for delay and mishap.

2. Go into re-think mode.  Tap the natural rhythm of the Cosmos and use as much of htis month as you can for reflecting, reviewing, and re-assessing the important areas of your life.  If there are things that must begin, remember that you don't have the complete picture yet and everything will be subject to change.

2.  Stay connected to Source.  Especially over the next week, while Mercury is in Pisces, following what inspires your spirit and opens your heart will keep you on the right track. 

3. Don't be afraid of the crossroads in your life.  That's where the evolutionary energy is.   The Moon's North Node, which points us towards the future, is conjunct with Hekate. 
The ancient goddess of the crossroads is the guide for all of us who are undergoing metamorphosis.  Her presence tell us that the crossroads where we find ourselves is a very auspicious place.

May the powerful gifts of Mercury's vision quest bless you richly!

Love and blessings,

Star Sister
(aka Marcia)