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God said:

What is the value of anything without love? Love is the value of everything.
In the world, there are different interpretations of love. In Truth, there is One Love, and it is indefinable. How do you compare love when love is Oneness? What can you compare it to? Yet, in the world, there is a love that encompasses taste. You love chocolate. You may love both chocolate and coffee, and someone else doesn’t love coffee. Yet love means much more than favoring or not favoring one thing or another.

Certainly, in the world, there is one woman you favor that you would like to marry. This is absolutely your choice to make. You cannot marry every woman in the world. What is this choice called? Heart’s desire? And how does such a choice arise? So, in the world, there are different kinds of love. Love for a brother, love for a child, love for a mother and father, love for a friend. Love in the world depends upon many things. It is a choice, although it may feel like you have no choice at all. You may just simply go along with it. Or you may feel your life depends upon making this choice.  
In the world, love goes up and love goes down whether you want it to or not.
The love that I speak of is not so specious. The love I speak of is love as a state of consciousness. It’s just there. It is not even a part of you. It is you. Love isn’t something you wear or have sometimes or appears or disappears. It is a State of Being you come from. It is not something you put on or off. It is not a question of what you will do or a question of what is proper to do or a question of anything at all. Love is. It simply is.
I will make a comparison. Let Us say you are wearing a red dress. Its color is red. You don’t have to say: “I am wearing a red dress.” The dress is on you. It speaks for itself. Your eyes are blue or brown or green or hazel. Your eyes are the color they are. The shape of your eyes is the shape they happen to be. All the make-up etc. doesn’t change the shape. Make-up may change the presentation of your eyes, yet make-up can only go so far.
Love, of course, is not something you put on, and love is not something you have to describe or explain. If you are standing on a rung of a ladder, this is the rung you are standing on. This is the rung you stand on.
The love I speak of is simply where you are. It is not really that you grow in love, though, yes, of course, you do. You have experienced this. Growing in love is truly removing the cover-up to the love that you perpetrated. The love you are has no circumference. It has nothing but itself. It beams out unencumbered. It has no blind spots, no fractions, no factions. Without thinking, without a thought of it, you are a sun that shines brightly, and you shine on all. You are love, and you are love that is not mushy, but rather the love that sees everyone as your brother or parent or child.
Every child you see is yours. You don’t withhold love. Your eyes shine like the sun on each child, and to each child you give a glow, a shine, a polish of the wondrousness that he is. This is not a deliberate act. This is just how it is. You may have children at home that live with you and you take care of them in every way, and, yet, when you see a child anywhere, you shine your light on every child in the same way you breathe the air wherever you are. The love that issues from you doesn’t segregate itself. Your love is the difference between segregation and congregation. There is no possibility of withholding the light that shines in you. Somehow the love within you is seen, and the love within you is picked up. You are far more than a pebble on the beach. You are a gift of the sea, of Earth, of Heaven. And so your light shines without your having to turn it on. It’s there, and your light is for all, and it cannot be for anything less. You have become Heavenly Light which you always were but hid. No more hiding the love light in you, beloveds. Your light is shining now.