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God said:

Everything in life is for your good. You are gaining from life. What you call trouble as well as good fortune is furthering you. When you experience upheaval, consider it like living in your house while it is being remodeled. It’s not easy, yet it’s worth it when it’s done.
You have a great Designer. A great Interior Designer. Naturally, you would like to be in on the design more. You would like to be consulted with. You want to know that you are noticed and heard and that your thoughts are taken to heart. I take you to heart, beloveds, more than I take your thoughts to heart. Do you see the difference? I definitely consider you.
This does not mean I cater to you, beloveds. I must consider more than your preferences. It has to be this way. Really, you do understand that you cannot take the reins of the Universe entirely even when it comes to your own development. For one thing, you would most likely keep changing your mind or, on the other hand, you might not budge. This is an entire house remodel We are talking about, not only choosing a paint color, yet, even that, could be a big decision for you to make. As sure as you may be that you want a room a certain color, when it is up you might not like it.
If We are going to get the job done and done right, We cannot consult on every decision. You do understand that you are focused on a close-up of Infinity, a short span of Infinity, as it were, while My vision goes beyond borders and covers a far range that outdistances you.
That being said, that I do not consult with you every moment and get your approval, no matter what it may seem to you, I am not ruthless. It may be that, in Our remodel, some walls have to be knocked down, carpets pulled up, cabinets demolished. You may be watching with your hand over your mouth and thinking: “This can’t be right.”
You may go down a rocky road, yet this road leads to your destination. However it may look to you, no matter how terrifying, consider that you are walking down the red carpet, beloveds. Cinderella came out of the ashes, and so do you. What you see may not be what you get. No one knows what is just around the corner. I am saying to you unequivocally that you are experiencing good fortune. There is something good even about the trials that you go through, rather, that you seem to go through.
You are attached to your own ideas. The secret is not to be attached. Nothing has to be the way you want it. Even as life is a Let’s Pretend, you are living it. As an actor, you might have preferred a different role, yet this is the role you are playing. One way or another, you take the role you’ve got and give it your very best. You might prefer to play the Queen or the King, yet you are cast as a peasant. There can be great richness in the role of peasant. Beloveds, even a peasant can, in truth, be a King. Do you understand Me?
In actuality, you play many roles in life. You hop from one to another. Add to that, your wife sees you one way, your son another, your employer another and so on. Beneath the bounds of life in the world as it seems to be, you are far more than any role you play. You are far more than what happens to you. You are far more than you appear. All this you are finding out. Your role isn’t to suffer. Your role is to find out who you are. Sometimes you are stopped in your tracks, yet you will come to meet yourself on your way.