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My artwork for the development

valentin59's picture's an introduction : - My particular design I call Pyramiter works like this:
 My pyramids composed of silver at the top and a quart crystal in the center , and copper in the ground
 The contact between silver and copper consists of a crystal - the so-called engine of the pyramid , these pyramids have healande properties ( pyramid shape )

What about the Keys to the Kingdom?

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Question: What about the keys to the kingdom?

The Guides: You are the key to the kingdom! Why do you have to make it hard? We gave you an open doorway - we walked you through. Now he wants the keys? The door was opened for you. What do you think we are doing here? If you want the key, go back and find one! Perhaps you may close the door as you go and try to get the right key in the lock. There is no need, there is no need, there is no need.


The Book of Knowing and Worth

By Paul Selig & The Guides


With Paul Selig's Blessing


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