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Xbox Live among game services targeted by US and UK spy agencies

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The Guardian - 12/09/13, James Ball

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: the NSA described games communities as a 'target-rich network' where potential terrorists could 'hide in plain sight'.

To the National Security Agency analyst writing a briefing to his superiors, the situation was clear: their current surveillance efforts were lacking something. The agency's impressive arsenal of cable taps and sophisticated hacking attacks was not enough. What it really needed was a horde of undercover Orcs.

Ship Lost for 150 Years Found in Lake Huron

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Shipwreck hunter finds Keystone State in Lake Huron

USAToday - 12/09/13, Ann Zaniewski , Detroit Free Press

The Civil War-era ship's final resting place
was a mystery for 150 years.


And then it was gone, swallowed up by Lake Huron that day in 1861, claiming the lives of all 33 on board.

But Monday, veteran shipwreck hunter David Trotter, 72, of Canton plans to announce he and his crew found the side-wheel steamer in July at the bottom of Lake Huron — the latest in the nearly 100 vessels Trotter has discovered in more than 35 years of Great Lakes shipwreck hunting.

18 LA Sheriff's Deputies Indicted In Sweeping Jail Probe

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NPR - 12/09/13, Scott Neuman

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca in 2011

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca in 2011
Damian Dovarganes/AP


Federal prosecutors announced Monday the indictment of 18 current and former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies on an array of charges stemming from a sweeping investigation into inmate abuse and corruption.

"These incidents did not take place in a vacuum — in fact, they demonstrated behavior that had become institutionalized," said U.S. Attorney Andre Birotte Jr. "The pattern of activity alleged in the obstruction of justice case shows how some members of the Sheriff's Department considered themselves to be above the law."

More: NPR.org

Behind Scenes, Ukraine’s Rich and Powerful Battle Over the Future

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The New York Times - 12/06/13, Andrew E. Kramer

Ukrainians passed under a religious icon Friday at a rally against integration with Europe. Protests have grown since President Viktor F. Yanukovich halted free trade talks with Europe. (Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times)

Protesters may be occupying government buildings and staging loud rallies calling for the government to step down, but behind the scenes an equally fierce — and perhaps more decisive — tug of war is being waged among a very small and very rich group of oligarchical clans here, some of whom see their future with Europe and others with Russia. That conflict was ignited, along with the street protests, by Mr. Yanukovich’s decision to halt free trade talks with the European Union last week.

Edward Snowden to give evidence to EU parliament, says MEP

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The Guardian - 12/08/13, Philip Oltermann

Woman holds Edward Snowden portrait outside US embassy, Berlin 4/7/13

A protester holds a portrait of Edward Snowden outside the US embassy in Berlin. Photograph: Thomas Peter/Reuters

The European parliament is lining up Edward Snowden to give evidence by video link this month, in spite of resistance by British Conservatives, a Green MEP has announced.

Thai Prime Minister dissolves parliament

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CNN - 12/09/13, Kocha Olarn

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Bangkok, Thailand (CNN) -- Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra dissolved the nation's parliament Monday and called for new elections. But the move did little to appease anti-government protesters who remained on the streets by the thousands.

Between 100,000 and 150,000 demonstrators rallied in Bangkok, with protest leaders saying their goal Monday is to storm Shinawatra's office, known as Government House.

More: CNN.com


NSA spied on Italian leaders for 12 years

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PressTV - 12/07/13, YH/HMV

A new report shows that the United States had been spying on Italian leaders for at least 12 years. (file photo)

A new report shows that the United States had been spying on Italian leaders for at least 12 years. (file photo)
A new report shows that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on Italian leaders from US diplomatic missions in Italy from 1988 to at least 2010.

The Italian weekly magazine L'Espresso revealed on Friday that the Italian communications have been targeted through the US’s Special Collection Service (SCS) sites located in Rome and Milan during the period.

More: PressTV.ir


Ukraine protesters topple Lenin statue in Kiev

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The Guardian - 12/08/13, Shaun Walker



Ukrainian opposition protesters pulled down a statue of Lenin in central Kiev as hundreds of thousands took to the streets in the latest display of anger at President Viktor Yanukovich's rejection of closer ties with Europe.

Protesters used ropes to topple the monument, and several then scrambled onto the podium to plant Ukrainian and European flags. Hundreds gathered around to sing the national anthem and chanting "Yanukovich, you're next".

Video and more: TheGuardian.com



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